FK Nomenklatura 68

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FK Nomenklatura 68 (143280)
FK Nomenklatura 68
Managed by Wyatt
Club information
LocationUtrecht Nederland
ArenaOblast 68
Fan ClubElite 68

FK Nomenklatura 68 is a Dutch football club founded on 12 August 2003 by Wyatt. It currently plays in division V.181.


On Augustus 12, 2003 manager Wyatt was assigned a Hattrick team called "Geniet maar drink met teammaten" in division VI.36 in Nederland. Obviously, the team was renamed to Best Achteruit and started playing in the region Eindhoven.

In its first season, Dutch season 9, relegation could be avoided. After that things started going to get better for Best Achteruit and the team promoted via division V.67 to division IV.30. After a steep rise came a steep fall: in two subsequent seasons Best Achteruit ended on the 8th place in division IV.30 and V.168.

Recently the team became champions in division VI.663 twice and in season 19 Best Achteruit promoted to division V.20.



Important players

  • Kelvin de Geus, first ever player bought by the club.
  • Nikolaj Grajzar, Slovenian forward and former coach.
  • Jochem Haspels, best player ever to be promoted from the youth squad.
  • Fridolf Hunde, reliable goalkeeper.
  • Lars Lindlius, most expensive player sold by the club.
  • Klas Lönnmo, player with the most matches for the club.
  • Bernardo Lozano, most expensive player bought by the club
  • Camiel Weelink, team captain in the early days of the club.
  • Peter Wyatt, manager of the club and talented wing back.


Official Website of Best Achteruit