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FK Pirates (116432)
HT-User: Pirats
Country:  Latvija
Region: Rīga
Prize shelf: Division IV.PNG Division IV.PNG Division III.PNG Division II.PNG Cupseason56.png Division III.PNG Division II.PNG
Arena: The Blackbeard's Golden Ship (110 000)
Fan club: Dead Men Tell No Tales (~3530 members)

The club was founded on the 13th of May 2003.

Currently playing in II.3 Latvija

The team played 7 seasons in Virslīga.

Big moments in Hattrick:

  • 2009-05-01 Series Champions II.4 Latvija Season 23
  • 2008-08-19 Series Champions III.14 Latvija Season 21
  • 2007-10-10 Latvijas kauss Winner Latvija Season 18
  • 2006-11-18 Series Champions II.3 Latvija Season 15
  • 2005-08-26 Series Champions III.1 Latvija Season 11
  • 2005-05-06 Series Champions IV.51 Latvija Season 10
  • 2004-06-04 Series Champions IV.7 Latvija Season 7

Pirates reached the quarterfinals in Hattrick Masters VII.

The team also has the most achievements of Latvija and is in the world's achievers top-10.

On 9 november 2010 it became the second team to reach 800 achievement points, and shared the lead with AC Ziky team.