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The Somewhat Northwest American Football Union (SNAFU) is a regional federation comprising users from the Pacific Northwest area of North America, although users from any region are accepted. SNAFU was created by users Brian Judy (Bilbo_Baggins) and Adam Hill (Scrupio) on January 12, 2003. As of December 5, 2005, there were 51 members in the federation, representing 11 USA regions, British Columbia and Vancouver, Canada, as well as one team each from Germany and Croatia.

Arguably the most successful members of SNAFU are Komodo, owner of Huskies, and solarjetman, owner of Mascots. Both have reached the top league of their respective countries, the All-Canadian and the Major League.


SNAFU launched its first federation cup the SNAFU Cup in season 19. Due to scheduling conflicts, the final was held in Season 20.

In Season 22, the decision was made to change the Cup from an individual-team format to a four-team group format, with each group of four teams facing off against other groups. This allowed for a Cup to be played with 24 teams, as the top two groups met in the championship. The first champion under the new format was named Team HPDS, and consisted of the teams shown below.

Season 26 brought another change to the SNAFU Cup, as it was the inaugural interfederation cup, with the Mid-Atlantic Community of Hattrick Owners joining the competition. The format reverted to individual teams competing only for themselves. In Season 27 SNAFU challenged the Inter-Mountain West Federation to take part in the second interfed cup.

Cup Champions

SNAFU Cup I (Season 19): Chevelles 0-4 Mascots (Chevelles win on handicap system (now disbanded)) (Sept. 4, 2003)

SNAFU Cup II (Season 20):

SNAFU Cup III (Season 21):

SNAFU Cup IV (Season 22): Team HPDS: Huskies, The Dumplings, Spectrum Nebulus FC, Pawtucket Pats

SNAFU Cup V (Season 23):

SNAFU Cup VI (Season 24):

SNAFU Cup VII (Season 25):

SNAFU-MACHO Cup (Season 26): Intercourse Ball Kickers (MACHO)

SNAFU-IMWF Cup (Season 27): SNAFU

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