Federacja Kolekcjonerow Flag

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Federacja Kolekcjonerow Flag (PFKF) (46575)
Logo Federacji Kolekcjonerów Flag
Chief Officer pawel90
Founding date 02-09-2006
Members 483 (on 31-10-2009)
Languages Polish, English

Federacja Kolekcjonerow Flag (eng. Federation of Flag Chasers) is a polish flag chasing federation.

About PFKF

This is the first polish federation about flags chaser and currently the bigest in all category in Poland. Fed became to connecting polish collectors and helping new users to realise this kind of HT playing and getting more and more better flags. "Old" collectors who have more opportunity are organizing often contestes where everyone can win rare flag and enjoy it. All time members are talking about chasing and about everything (not necessarily about HT) too. PFKF is for mainly polish users, but we have managers around the world, at the moment from 14 other countries (mainly the Polish who living abroad) too.


The federation was founded by polish manager pawel90 who couldn't find any native fed about flags and decided to created a new one. From first days it was very famous because every day joined several new members to PFKF. 19 days after founded when became first advertisement on polish forum was 41 chasers. In Poland, country where live many good collectors, requirement on this fed like PFKF was verry big. From day to day PFKF was developed and 9th February 2007 when that was 5 months old became the biggest fed in Poland. Since this day it didn't take back lead. All this time on coference were many contest, tournament, flag or non-flag discussions and interesting event what created that forum is very active.


On the conference are 2 cyclical competitions. First is the Turniej Kolekcjonerów Flag ((eng. Flag Chasers Tournament) where in every edition starting about 120-130 users. You can rival with your friend on better flag in relevan week and finally get title the best chaser. Rivalrie's level is so hard, because nobody got this title two time. There is a page on official website.

Second competition is organizing by S_T_U_D_E_N_T. Typer ((eng. "Beting") where you can bet several member's matches every week in season and win HT supporter or rare flags. Other than that often some collector announce single contest where you can except enjoying win flag.


1 PFKF's chasers ranking

2 official website of Federacja Kolekcjonerow Flag