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World is a term used in Hattrick with both geographical or ludic purpose.

Geographical World

Hattrick world or, if you prefer, all countries playing in Hattrick International league

Hattrick has is own geography and a world map completely on his own, only inspired by real world. This world is divided in several zones each representing, but not exactly following, the real continents.

  • Europe is divided in several zones including Russia, despite it's larger part is in Asia:
Northern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe, Latin Europe and Eastern Europe.
Central America and the Carribean are included in North America.
They were put together in one zone, including Oceania.
Oceania regroups Australia and New Zealand and a few of the Pacific states, but not all of them.
The Asia, Africa and Oceania zone is also a zone missing many countries these days and has been extended by many countries. Africa is still missing more than 50% of its countries.

Even zones are divided into countries, each consisting of a league, and national teams. In turn, league are divided into regions.

There is also a super-league, Hattrick International, partly similar to other leagues, but consisting of the merger of all countries in Hattrick world.

Game World

The game world is a generic term used to talk about everything relating directly to the game engine.

Players, matches, teams and their evolution inside the league of their country, national teams, etc. are all part of the Hattrick game world, which can be opposed to the community, a part that is much more influenced by the users.