Filipe Lapa

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Filipe Lapa
Filipe Lapa.jpg
Personal information
Full name Filipe Lapa
Nickname "Filinho"
Position (Defensive) Forward
Current club voute comer f. c.
Youth clubs
Professional clubs
Season 32-33
Season 33-37
Season 38-39
Season 39-
Portugal.gif Matos-Cheirinhos
Portugal.gif Alvoco da Serra
Belgium.gif Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track
Portugal.gif voute comer f. c.
National team
not selected
Teams managed

Filipe Lapa (164838296) is a former Portuguese football player who ended his career when playing for voute comer f. c. (1884859) in Portugal.


Filipe was already relatively old when starting to play football, as he signed for Matos-Cheirinhos (1424474) in the Portuguese 9th division long after his 24th birthday in season 32. Initially he was a backup to the team and did not play very often. He was however noticed by Portuguese team Alvoco da Serra (1410807) in season 33, who were also playing in 9th division but were interested in using him as a first team player at inner midfield.

In season 34 he played very often in the first team of Alvoco da Serra, helping them to promote to division 8 with 7 goals during the season. However the increased level of the team proved too sudden for him, as he spent most of season 35 on the bench before playing again as a first team regular in season 36. After almost 5 full seasons at Alvoco da Serra at the end of season 37, he decided it was time to look for a new challenge although he was still a first team regular. The then 29 year old Filipe moved to newly formed Belgian 9th division team Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track (1541559) and was asked to guide the team through their very first season.

As if he was a major national team player, Filipe Lapa was welcomed by many fans who came to see him at the press conference. Scoring the first ever official goal for the team in the first league match helped his popularity even more, soon giving him the nickname "Filinho" as he frequently showed his technical skills as a defensive forward. Although he did not score very much, he had never played better in his career and guided the team to a perfect season, winning all 14 matches and promoting to division 8. However, when turning 31 in the beginning of season 39, he felt the need to return to his family in Portugal as he joined voute comer f. c. who were playing two divisions lower in 10th division. Although he was degraded again to a second team player and very rarely got to play official matches for his team, he was enjoying himself very much and even got to enjoy the back-to-back promotions of this team to divisions 9 and 8. Soon after, he retired.