Football Team Groningen

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Football Team Groningen is a team from Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. The team started on 30-april-2009. The manager is Kindras, he also changed the name from Sportiva Helmond to the current name: Football Team Groningen.

Championships won

  • Top scorer of X.2962 Silvano Mozzarelli with 20 goals.
  • Top scorer of IX.1190 Silvano Mozzarelli with 18 goals.



  • Netherlands Leon Dijkman (30-04-2009 - 30-04-2009)
  • Argentina Danilo Vicente (30-04-2009 - now)


  • Netherlands Adrie van der Lee
  • Netherlands Brian Greep
  • Netherlands Bryan van Egeraat
  • Netherlands Cornelus Dahmen
  • Netherlands Derek van Enckhuysen
  • Netherlands Falco de Wagt
  • Italy Francesco Archimalo
  • Italy Gazjon Ravina
  • Netherlands Jacob van der Haven
  • Netherlands Jean Beltman
  • Netherlands Joeke Brons
  • Netherlands Maarten-Jan Weltman
  • Spain Manuel Manzano Caso
  • Germany Marek Nussbaum
  • Netherlands Martin de Bode
  • France Michaël Adnet
  • Finland Niilo Vilppu
  • Netherlands Siemen van Hoven
  • Netherlands Sikko te Braak
  • Italy Silvano Mozzarelli
  • Netherlands Sjeng Hallebeek
  • Argentina Walter Cerutti
  • Netherlands Volkert Post
  • Slovenia Zsolt Németh