Frederic Groenewoud

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Frederic Groenewoud
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Full Name Frederic Groenewoud
Country Belgium Belgium
Player ID (460413794)
Age 24 years and 86 days
Position Winger
Specialty Unpredictable
Actual Club Belgium Reinhardstein FC
Jersey number 16
Personnal life
Ex-Girlfriend Julia Telsia (during 3 years)
Kids none
Junior Club
Seasons Club App. Gls. HT.
76 - 78 Belgium P.-J. Durand Aca. 37 13 0
Senior Club
Seasons Club App. Gls. HT.
78 - now Belgium Reinhardstein FC 121 38 1
National teams
Seasons Club App. Gls. HT.
81 - 82 Belgium National team U-21 Belgium 12 1 0

Frederic Groenewoud is a belgian professional football player who plays as a winger for the belgian team Reinhardstein FC. One of the best players of his generation, he played the U21 World Cup 34 for Belgium.

Frederic is well known for his disciplinary problem and for being massively active on Twitter, where he's very chatty about his private life and where he comments on press articles about him in an often sarcastic way. His Twitter handle is @Groenewoud16.

Early Days

Frederic was born in Bastogne, Belgium. Abandoned anonymously at birth by his biological parents, he was adopted by the Groenewoud family at the age of 3. He had a difficult childhood, suffering from Identity Disorder and was always looking for attention. As a kid, he fell early in love with football and quickly developed an impressive talent for the sport. In an interview, Groenewoud stated that football saved him and gave him a purpose in life.

Club Career

Pierre-Jean Durand Academy

On November 5, 2020, at the age of 15, he was scouted by the Reinhardstein FC who offered him a place in its academy. Despite scoring an own-goal during his first game with the club, he delivered an astonishing performance and was then followed by the U21 National Team's scouts, who predicted him a great future (Link). He played 37 matches, scored 13 goals, impressed by his versatility and his unpredictable moves.

Reinhardstein FC

After a lot of tensions and speculations (Link), Groenewoud finally committed his future to the Reinhardstein FC and signed a long-term contract with the Pro Team on his 17th birthday (May 12, 2020). He played his first pro game on the exact same day, scoring an impressive goal after just 5 minutes (Link). In his first season with the club, Groenewoud played 19 official games and scored 13 goals. On his third pro season, he won his first league title, scoring 6 goals that season.

International career

Since being 15 years old, Groenewoud is followed and coached by the Belgian staff.

On April 15th 2022, at the age of 20.2 years old, Groenewoud played for the first time with the Belgian U21 national team. He came from the bench at the 89th minute and played for 3 minutes in a friendly game against Canada (link). On June 17th 2022, Frederic played 45 minutes in another friendly game against Sri Lanka (link).

He played 10 matches during the U21 World Cup 34 and score one goal against Costa Rica (link). A regular member of the team during the first round (7 games played), Frederic only played only 2 games during round 2 and one game during round 3, due to lack of fitness and, apparently, some alcohol problem. He left an apology letter on his Twitter account (link) and didn't tweet since then...

Personality and public image

Groenewoud has been given a reputation by the media for being a difficult character and taking part in questionable and often amusing activities. He was described by his academy coaches as "unmanageable". Although denying he is "crazy" as one of his teammates frequently claims, Groenewoud has admitted he "sometimes does strange things and likes creating some controversy".

He was known as a party animal, drinking and flirting too much. He often is the subject of numerous newspaper stories, some based in fact, others the subject of rumour and speculation. He often comments on them on Twitter.

After the U21 World Cup, Frederic reveal that he was dealing with alcoholism and went to rehab. Since then, he hasn't be active on Twitter but continued to train and play football at Reinhardstein FC.

Personal life

During 3 years, Frederic Groenewoud was in couple with french TV Star and fashion entrepreneur Julia Telsia. She took part in a few Reality Shows like "The Love Appartment", "Dirty Secrets" or "Holiday with my ex". She also earns money online as an Instagram Influencer and own fashion brand. She has an estimated net worth of around €3,5 million. She is also known for her past relationships with many rap stars (Poop Dogg, hard-nold, Jack The Rapper, Lukrativ, aveRAGE, ..).

After dating secretly for a bit (Link) (Link), Frederic and Julia publicly announced their relationship on Sep 17, 2021 over social media. (Link).

The couple was about to marry when Frederic and Julia broke up, a few weeks after the player started his alcohol rehab (November 2022).

Notable scandals

At 15 years old, he created a fake ID card to buy alcohol and got caught (link). He was also seen throwing darts at another youth team player because "he was bored and there was nothing else to do" (link).

At 16 years old, he was arrested for driving a car without a licence (link). He also entered illegally into a women's prison "just to have a look around" and because he "loves bad girls" (link).

Before changing his mind and signing his pro contract, he engaged in a lot of transfer speculation and was in conflict with his club's CEO, calling him "a fucker" on Twitter and stated that "Reinhardstein FC sucks" (Link) before publicly apologizing (link).

Pictures of him and three girls were posted on Snapchat, where he was seen passed out on a chair as the girls cavorted in their underwear (Link). Groenewoud refused to apologies for this behaviour and stated that next time, he will stay awake (link).

One week after getting a ultra exclusive and expensive supercar for his 19th birthday (a gift from his girlfriend Julia Telsa) (Link), Groenewoud crashed it near Reinhardstein FC's training ground. Police were quickly on the scene to breathalyse, question and search the young Belgian. The player was not found to be over the drink-drive limit but the policemen were particularly keen to know why he had 3 000 € in his back pocket, to which Frederic replied: "Because my girlfriend is rich." (Link)

Career Statistics

League Progress


Key: DIV. VI


Club Season Apps Goals Hattrick
Belgium Reinhardstein FC 78 19 13 1
Belgium Reinhardstein FC 79 21 3 0
Belgium Reinhardstein FC 80 21 6 0
Belgium Reinhardstein FC 81 19 1 0
Belgium Reinhardstein FC 82 19 3 0
Belgium Reinhardstein FC 83 15 6 0
Belgium Reinhardstein FC 84 17 6 0
TOTAL 121 38 1

National team

Team Season Apps Goals Hattrick
Belgium National team U-21 Belgium 81 4 0 0
Belgium National team U-21 Belgium 82 8 1 0
TOTAL 12 1 0


Division VI.PNG
Tournament 1.png
VI.935 Berlin Cup
Season 80 Season 80