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Spec1Technic.png Technical
Spec2Quick.png Quick
Spec3Power.png Powerful
Spec5Head.png Head
Spec4Unpred.png Unpredictable
Spec6Regainer.png Resilient
Spec7support.png Support

Players with the unpredictable speciality can feature in special events during a match.

  • Unpredictable keepers can use their passing skill to send an unexpected long pass from which a forward or winger from your team can get a chance to score. With higher passing skill the chance on this increases. They have no risk of suffering negative unpredictable events.
  • Unpredictable defenders can send unexpected long passes. They can also create an unexpected opening pass. This works similarly to the long pass but a failed chance can result in an opponent counter-attack. Unpredictable defenders can also suffer an unpredictable mistake, the success rate of which is based on their defending and experience levels as well as the opponent winger or forward skills.
  • Unpredictable inner midfielders can send unexpected opening passes. They can also generate the unpredictable scores on his own special event in a one-on-one against the opposing keeper, which may also result in an opponent counter-attack if unsuccessful. They can suffer unpredictable mistakes.
  • Unpredictable wingers and forwards can generate both the unpredictable opening pass and unpredictable scores on his own events. While they can not suffer from unpredictable mistake events, they can cause an unpredictable own goal event. A higher passing skill and a higher keeper's goalkeeping skill can lower the chance of a scored goal from this event.

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