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Clublogo Frietboer Centraal

League History

After several years Frietboer Centraal was taken over by investors the club played a few years in different leagues but eventually stopped existing. At the end of 2016 new spread that a new and international league was forming and manager Daan van Oeffelen was asked to relight the candle of Frietboer Centraal. The 10th of Januari 2017 the new team was formed with Karel Vondeling as its first trainer.

Season Competition Rank Win Draw Loss Points Goals Trainer/Coach Stats
01 Karel Vondeling FBC/Season 1

All Time Statistics

Trophy case

  • Nothing to show yet

Staff Frietboer Centraal

Current Staff

Manager Secretary Trainer/Coach Assistent trainer Doctor
Daan van Oeffelen.jpg Cor Arnoldussen.jpg Karel Vondeling.jpg Theo Bussink.jpg Janus Duijker.jpg
Daan van Oeffelen Cor Arnoldussen Karel Vondeling Theo Bussink Janus Duijker
Netherlands Age: 30 Netherlands Age: 52 Netherlands Age: 40 Netherlands Age: 58 Netherlands Age: 36

Current Staff FBC U19

Trainer/Coach Assisten trainer Scout
Dorus van der Lans.jpg Rosita Bouwens.jpg Harm Jan Poeder.jpg
Dorus van der Lans Rosita Bouwens Harm Jan Poeder
Netherlands Age: 43 Netherlands Age: 19 Netherlands Age: 44

Cup tournaments


Frietboer Centraal Arena

Total capacity: 12000

  • Standing places: 8000
  • Regular seats: 3000
  • Covered seats: 1000
  • VIP boxes: 0

FBC Fanatics:

  • 116 members