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Fully Loaded Satellites

FLS was founded in 1883 as a football team for the escaped apple pickers of Clonmel, County Tipperary. Apple picking, fermenting, drinking, and occasionally playing football formed the ethos of this venerable club. The management of FLS eventually sold out though for a couple of slabs of Linden Village, Boroie the new manager and chairman. He immediately registered the team with the HFA to play in the local league. The team was initially registered under the name Jossestown Rovers. The date was 13/06/2004.


Jossestown Rovers' first ever game in recognised competition began that day, and was to take the place of Trend Meisters who ran into financial difficulties. Unfortunately, this game was a qualification match to stay in series IV.31. So, beginning with a whimper rather than a bang, Jossestowns first match resulted in relegation to division 5, V.245. This may have been a blessing in disguise though as it allowed Boroie to ship out the deadwood and bring in some actual professional players. Promotion to IV.27 immediately followed, in what was to be Jossestowns home for quite a while. That was season 11 in Ireland.

Having never finished lower than 4th in their 8 seasons in IV.27, it was in season 14 that Jossestown began seriously challenging for the title, eventually overhauling their old enemies Lord of the Lucan and Irish Wonders. Several close run finishes for the title finally led to Jossestown earning a qualifier to promote to III. They lost this one narrowly to Sparta Corcaigh.

In season 18, Jossestown had another close run promotion campaign. This time, recently demoted Iron Utd. were the main challengers. In a fraught finale to the season, Jossestown knew that a win over Iron Utd would see them seal the title if they won by more than a single goal. Despite dominating the match, Jossestown could only manage a 2-1 win and missed out on the title by a single goal!

That prompted a change of image to the club to attract new and younger fans to the brand. The name was changed to Fully Loaded Satellites and the team logo was also changed. The change immediately inspired FLS to win the IV.27 title for a second time. Unfortunately they fell short in the qualifier against Armies of Amadan FC. This season was notable for a youth pull of FLS becoming the clubs first ever Under-20 international player for Ireland. Matthew Charlton was called up by u20 manager Highgiant and did not disappoint. He scored the winner on his debut to give Ireland a vital win in the qualifying campaign for U-20 World Cup IX. This win was the turning point for Highgiant and Ireland went on to qualify for the world cup.

Season 20 was finally the season that FLS escaped IV.27. The series FLS landed in was III.6 - home to several other PSBI denizens - namely El-Pietro, Ribena_Berry and (recently relegated) Kram101. The first season in III.6 was a hard one where the limitations of training high-waged players became apparent to Boroie. The wage-wall was hit and several players disposed of. This was also the season that FLS made it to round 8 of the Irish Cup for the first time, beating Irish Premier team Top Dogs FC along the way, before narrowly being beaten 2-1 by the eventual winners, GB Rovers. This season was also noticeable for the first ever full international player being seen at Death Star Arena. Flip Kibel arrived from Apoel Cormosia for a club record fee €2,071,000. Flip is a full Northern Ireland international player. FLS finished third in the league, cementing a ranking of 76 in Ireland. Continuing FLS's strong contribution to the national sides of Ireland, Mitchell Lacey (a purchase from The Choccy Digestives) obtained a call-up to the Irish u20 squad.


Season Trophy
20 Goldenboot III.gif Anthony Redmond Republic of Ireland III.6, 14 goals
19 Division IV.PNG Champion of IV.27
18 Goldenboot IV.gif Tavo Nomme Estonia IV.27, 31 goals

Division IV.PNG Champion of IV.27

15 Goldenboot IV.gif Osvaldo Milone Italy IV.27, 20 goals

Division IV.PNG Champion of IV.27

11 Division V.PNG Champion of V.245