Gioventù Irpina

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Gioventù Irpina
Biancoverdi - Lupacchiotti - Irpini
Social colours: Green - White
Hymn: Irpino e me ne vanto
Club signs
Region: Coat of arms of Campania.PNG Campania
Town: Calitri-Stemma.png Calitri (AV)
Country:  Italia  Irpinia (Country)
Confederation: Hattrick
Division: Calitri Cup
Foundation: 24-06-2008
President: Italy Irpinia (Country) ErNanna
Chairman of the Board: ItalyIrpinia (Country) Giuseppe Tarzia
Secretary: Italy Irpinia (Country) Tonino 'I' Nannariello
Coach: Italy Irpinia (Country) Leonardo 'I' Nannariello
Scout #1: Italy Irpinia (Country) Abramo 'I' Nannariello
Scout #2: Italy Ernesto Staudacher
Scout #3: vacant
Series: 40

Gioventù Irpina (1025187) is the youth team of U.S. Irpinia (1691746). The home ground of Gioventù Irpina is the Irpinia. The stadium capacity is 600.

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