Giuseppe Mocerino

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Giuseppe Mocerino
Personal Information
Full Name Giuseppe Mocerino
Country Italy Italia
Player ID (292284684)
Position Forward
Youth Club
Season 41 - 42 Italy Castelfranco
Sénior Club
Season 42 Italy Tritaluganighe
Season 43 - 45 Italy Castelfranco
Season 45 - 55 Spain JESUITAS F.C.
Season 55 - 62 Finland fc Runkotie

Giuseppe Mocerino was an italian player. In season 42, when he was promoted by Castelfranco, was sold in another club because still not covered in the training plans of the society, but when he left the manager ginestrino make him the promise that as soon there was opportunity, he would return to Florence. Fate would have it, the club which was sold put him still for sale, and ginestrino kept his promise and brought him back to his first club. Then he is the first player that is return back in Castelfranco. And after two seasons, with the sale of strikers holders, he becomes the titolar forward of the club.

  • Gol fatti in carriera: 113
  • Hattrick (triplette) in carriera: 9

Player Info



Division X.PNG
Season 42

Momenti di Gloria

  • 14/07/2010 01:20 È stato promosso dalla Giovanile di Castelfranco all'età di 17 anni.
  • 27/02/2010 12:55 È stato selezionato e assunto da Renato Nunzi Conti per Castelfranco
  • 07/02/2010 00:48 Gli è stato negato un contratto da JoungBarbariansGrow


02-07-2014 JESUITAS F.C. fc Runkotie 204 000 € 23 370 TSI
25-05-2011 Castelfranco JESUITAS F.C. 2 000 000 € 24 650 TSI
10-08-2010 Tritaluganighe Castelfranco 10 000 € 570 TSI
17-07-2010 Castelfranco Tritaluganighe 5 000 € 420 TSI