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Goofy Goober Rock FC is an Icelandic hattrickian team. It is managed by Bob la Spugna SSL, who is also manager of SpongeBob Football Club Rieti.

Season 39

Season 39 is the first season of the history of the Goofy Goober Rock FC. The mission for this season is to arrive between the first four teams. Bob_la_Spugna_SSL thinks to a multi-year project, buying many young players for the team. The season doesn't start very well, in fact there are the defeats against Igor United (0-5 at local stadium) and White Star Army (1-0 away). Goofy Goober Rock FC begins to win by the third match, with the final result of 8-1 against Dikki Mo at home. The follower results are, in order: the away 4-0 against Kickers Iceland, the local 5-2 against Icelandic Down and the away defeat (4-1) against KaosLoL. The last result of the firts part of the season is the local 8-0 against Ofari. The second part of the season is as good as the first: the results are an away 9-0 against Ofari, a local 2-0 against KaosLol, an away draw for 2-2 against Icelandic Dawn, an away success for 7-0 against Dikki Mo, a local draw for 1-1 against White Star Army, and the final defeat against Igor United for 8-0. Igor United ends the season at the first place and returns on III Category, while Goofy Goober Rocck FC concludes at the fourth place.

Here is the final arrive order: [1]

Club history table

Season League Position Cup Round
39 IV.46 4 1