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Keywords: (Economy), (Hattrick Central Bank), (Transfer Prices)
From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.72) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 19.02.2007 at 17:58
Reply to (7831762.268)

It has been proven that transfer prices for players have been heavily decreasing over the past seasons, I am aware action has been taken to balance this out but will anything else be done or do you consider the HT economy balanced now?

We, or rather the HCB (Hattrick Central Bank), are contantly following the economy. Again, we don't look that much on transfer prices (even it that may be interesting too), we're far more interested in the background economy. In general HCB's aim is that the money should be slowly increasing for the general Hattrick team, and to achieve that they may need to take actions to balance the economy (it shouldn't grow too slow, nor too fast) in the future too. As the economy also is depending on the amount of new users joining the game it's very likely that the HCB must take some actions (higher income or higher costs, or something else) in the future too.

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