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The Hattrick Central Bank, or HCB, is one of a number of virtual organisations within Hattrick. As confirmed by the achievement Met Bob at the bank the bank is also known with the name Banque Sunesson.


The HCB main activity is to ensure money loans to clubs. They are also monitoring on stability to allow the Hattrick Team to announce global economical news to the managers.

Money loans

If you have no money left in the bank you go in debt. There's nothing to keep you from spending money even if your balance is zero, you have a line of credit for 500 000 $ at the HCB bank. You only have to pay some interest on borrowed money, paying an extra 2% of your total amount under zero every week. So the debt burden, if not repaid quickly, easily adds up.

When you run up debts amounting to 200 000 US$, HCB will prohibit you from purchasing other players, from replacing your coach and doing anything that would take the debt beyond that threshold.

Bankruptcy is declared after two weeks of debts over 500 000 US$, the maximum credit you can get in the bank. In that case the HCB will dismantle the the failed team to recover every penny.

Stability monitoring

The HCB white collars are contantly following the economy. The bank main target seem to be the overall stability of the game and the balance in long-term perspective.

The HCB employees don't look that much on transfer prices (even it that may be interesting too), they are far more interested in the background economy. In general, the aim of HCB is for a slow but steady increase in the money in the system (it shouldn't grow too slow, nor too fast). To succeed, they may need to ask the Hattrick Football Association to take any action in their power.

As the economy also is depending on the amount of new users joining the game it's very likely that the HCB must take some actions (higher income or higher costs, or something else) in the future too.


The powerful HFA controls the HCB, that's for sure. What should be understood is whether the control is direct or partial. Some argue that the top management of the two organizations is actually the same (also because it is not possible to access the real names in both cases).

All of these secrets cast a veil of opacity and mystery on the actual activities of the bank and on how the earnings are invested!


The Economy Council was the primordial prototype of a body responsible for monitoring the economy.

Hattrick announces
The Economy Council 25/03/2002
We have summoned an economy council and will soon begin our work.

The council will initially consist of 6 members, and we will also be in close contact with some GM's outside Sweden (mostly GM-George, GM-Etienne and GM- Hans) to collect their thoughts.

The economy council members are: Krister Sund, Knusper Rovers (div IV) Fredrik Knutzen, Quatro Staggione AC (div II) Magnus Wikström, Lillgumhamn FC (div V).

After several seasons the council was dissolved and a bank was born from its ashes

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