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By: HT-Tjecken 11718558.1 as reply to 0
To: Everyone 12.08.2008 10:12
As you now can read on editorial space, the current (old) design is making itself ready for retirement. It has some flaws and other problem, and that's the reason for the retirement. I also think you are aware of these flaws/problems as you use it everyday.

We know that many of you are really used to this design, but even so we hope you also understand the reasons for retirement. Because there are even brighter Hattrick days and moments to come, in the coming design which we think you will come to like even more.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11718558.7 as reply to 11718558.2
To: Sir_Dancelot 12.08.2008 10:18
Yeehar! New forum engine as well? Pretty please? ;-)

Allrightie then. :)

The forum today is very good for experienced forum users, for those who make a rare visit (or new users) it's really not good at all. So our aim is to make it a lot easier to use in order to make more people interested in the forums. But at the same time we will naturally also think a lot about those who already spend a lot of time here, we will not forget your wishes so to say.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11718558.9 as reply to 11718558.3
To: forst 12.08.2008 10:19
When do you think the new design will be ready?

In 2-3 months, something like that.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11718558.12 as reply to 11718558.11
To: Mravo 12.08.2008 10:23
Any screenshots for those who can't wait? ;)

We will post screenshots eventually, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer. :)

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.14 as reply to 11718558.13
To: Mravo 12.08.2008 10:27
Will the re-design address the impossible-to-navigate NT/U20 section of the menus?

The international section will be redesigned, but in this case we will do it in several steps. There will be a general tidying up of that hopeless mess, but we have more ideas for thaty section than we will release in the first version.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11718558.20 as reply to 11718558.15
To: Karl-Heinz-Spock 12.08.2008 10:31
The new design will include a changelog-site besides that MyHT-space, for smaller things? A Bugtracking-site?

I'm not sure that will make it to the first version, but it's in the loop. We have a quite nice overall plan for informational issues, but as it includes a lot of new functionality it will probably not make it to the first version.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.24 as reply to 11718558.20
To: HT-Tjecken 12.08.2008 10:36
The new design will include a changelog-site besides that MyHT-space, for smaller things? A Bugtracking-site?

I'm not sure that will make it to the first version, but it's in the loop. We have a quite nice overall plan for informational issues, but as it includes a lot of new functionality it will probably not make it to the first version.

Let me add to that we nowadays have a stage server, where all new code is tested live with users before coming to the main site, and in that environment we do have a public bugtracking tool. The stage server is currently invitation-only, but we aim to make it possible for everyone to get a place there (but not everyone at once) ;)

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.38 as reply to 11718558.35
To: Drittaccount 12.08.2008 10:53
btw: There are loads of CHPP not active and dead. Will you use the new design to clean it up and reopen officially the CHPP process?

CHPP is definitely going to get more attention from us. We are not using the redesign as a way to kill off inactive apps, but if that is a byproduct of the change, that is probably a good thing.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11718558.54 as reply to 11718558.45
To: hrvojek 12.08.2008 11:17
Do you plan to make a transition period, i.e. to make both design schemas active? Is there any chance that one could choose between designs at least for some time (as is done with Youth Schools)?

No, and no.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11718558.62 as reply to 11718558.50
To: Jensor 12.08.2008 11:29
Could you give some additional information on the aspect of browsing HT on a mobile device?

It will be a lot easier to navigate the coming design from a mobile phone, and even easier if we make a special skin for it. It's in our interest too, as we would like if users (ourself included) could bring Hattrick with them everywhere.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11718558.85 as reply to 11718558.68
To: wimpiethereal 12.08.2008 12:13
Why couldn't we choose for the "old" design?

There are many reasons actually, but the biggest reason is perhaps that having two completely different designs also means we have to maintain two designs. This means that we have to add all new functionality twice and instead of having to do write one new page (or correct something in a page), we have to write _two_ compeletely new pages (or correct something, but in two different ways, twice). As you can imagine, it would take a lot of time (more than double the amount of time it will take now, as the coming design will be a lot easier to work with) and that's time which could be so much better spent on other things.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.91 as reply to 11718558.86
To: wimpiethereal 12.08.2008 12:29
After the article I had read i think all these thiongs will only good for new users. What with the 200 thousand active old users?

We don´t think so. To a certain extent anew design is a matter of taste, and old users may have a harder time than others to get use to the new style than others. But that is no argument for never changing. I think you either develop or decline. The question is not whether to change or not, it is how you build on your heritage rather than squander it.

We also think there is a lot of changes in the new designs that are not matter of taste, they are simply objective improvements. There are a lot of compromises that has been done over the years as we tried to cope with the design decisions that were made in the past. It´s natural, but it also makes it necessary to tidy up once in a while. I think it will be liberating for us.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.93 as reply to 11718558.92
To: Jackwewo_HFF 12.08.2008 12:36
Will it be possible to go on with this "graphic style" of the site (maybe an option in the preferences menu)?

We will offer a skin that is similar to the current design. Since it is only a skin, it will follow the new navigation and organization, but I don´t think that particular change will be very shocking to anyone.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.141 as reply to 11718558.129
To: oldtrafford 12.08.2008 16:03
Will there be more extra's for the supporters? Something like more slots for feds, more bookmarks (or a possible change from youthplayers to fora or players or users or...the total remains, but the choice is ours)...and more stuff that you can find out by yourself...;-)

Supporters will get a few improvements in the new design, both by way of making existing features but also a few extras stuck in. I think the stuff in pipeline will raise a few eyebrows! But Supporter is not the main purpose of the redesign. Now, once the redesign is done, Supporter is one of the things we hope to be able to give more attention to - we have done very little for Supporters in the last two years I´m afraid.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.142 as reply to 11718558.135
To: rei85 12.08.2008 16:04
The editorial says:

It would also be nice to have a set of icons in the same style and from the same source (today's icons are in different styles and from different sources), and we would like it to be easier to make different skins for Hattrick, something which is quite hard today.

What does this exactly mean? Will it be easier for you or for us too? I'm a foxtrick user and I love make customized skin for hattrick. I'm very interested in how the layout will change.

User-designed skins will not be possible at launch, at least not supported by us. But it should be quite possible indeed further down the line.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.150 as reply to 11718558.145
To: Lou_Dog 12.8.2008 at 16:41
Please, not more "gimmicks". Its a text based game, and imho the core should stay that way. I expect Hattrick still to be rather a good book than a Hollywood Blockbuster after the relaunch. Imho it especially would be important to take attention on consistency. E.g. i never understood why we are able to access the team page through the mainheader on some pages (Players, Hall of Fame...) and have to use the back button on other sub-pages (transfer-history, youth acedemy). Stuff like that is urgent. New player faces? Who cares?

I am sure you must be worried about the blistering pace at which we are transforming ourselves froma text game into an immersive multimedia experience :)

No, but seriously, I could not agree with you more. I am of the "Hattrick as book" category myself. I don´t even care that much for numbers, although I know a lot of you do. That said, I don´t think it is out of place to have some elements on the site as for example Flash, but there is no need for it to look like Flash, it should just be Flash because that offers the right functionality. At the very least it should blend in with the other stuff and not be mandatory.

And I think the site will be more consistent as a result of the redesign.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.188 as reply to 11718558.172
To: RebelClown 12.8.2008 at 20:26
Professional curiosity: are you going to do some kind of usability study?

Another one you mean? Yes, probably... ;)

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By: HT-Oxidus 11718558.310 as reply to 11718558.294
To: simcamil 14.8.2008 at 04:39
Any new design is welcome but PLEASE don't use flash. At least don't do a redisign with 90% flash.

Hattrick will continue to use flash where appropriate. Various applications, and add ons work well in the flash environment, others not so much. We have no plans to massively increase the amount of flash for the sake of being cool and trendy. It would only lead to simliar problems that current frame-based design suffers from.

The editorial addresses issues such as the current lack of bookmarking because of frame usage. A 100% flash site would cause similar problems, amongst other things.

Hattrick is generally not the sort of site that lends itself to a complete flash solution, so all the people worrying can be safe in the knowledge that the redesign isn't going to be a major flash reworking. The project is intended to make things better for everyone, the devolpers and the users. Overuse of flash would be counterproductive to that aim.

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By: HT-Oxidus 11718558.313 as reply to 11718558.312
To: BWO-Goatboy 14.8.2008 at 07:07
Would relating the new layout to that of buzzerbeater or popmundo be accurate?

Any comment on that front would lead to a shedload of speculation and / or thread rumouring. As is wont on the forums. So, I'll leave specifics out of it.

The new hattrick design will however incorporate a much improved CSS model that will be more accessible to skinning, if that's what you're in to. Therefore it will reflect aspects of the buzzerbeater experience on a technical level.

As far as the web-experience and graphics go, we are producing a hattrick 2008 style that we feel is true to the current game that we know and love.

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By: HT-Oxidus 11718558.320 as reply to 11718558.315
To: Calvert 14.8.2008 at 08:04
The older Hattrick design was quite amenable to skinning and many high quality skins were made by several people. I used many of them myself. Then Buzzerbeater came and the ads that the HTs were using were designed so that they could be seen through the skins, even with supporter, defeating one of the main purpose of having skins to begin with. Then the site was redesigned and all skins were made worthless and very few of them were remade so that they would work because no one knew what the next change would be or when it would come.

If you're going to be using the experience the Hattrick site had with Buzzerbeater as a positive example, an experience which was one of the most flagrantly aggressive and deliberately antagonistic marketing stratagems I've seen outside of commercial spammers (and which made me never even want to come close to the game ever), I cannot possibly see how the redesign can be an improvement.

The skinning is workable with the current design, but involves dedication and numerous fiddly workarounds to get things working properly. It works, but amenable it is most certainly not.

By definition, the web-experience I'm talking about is purely navigational and aesthetic as far as hattrick goes and also relates in part to the positive experiences gleaned from the systematic CSS model used elsewhere in a technical sense. It relates in no shape or form to marketing of anything at all.

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By: HT-Oxidus 11718558.322 as reply to 11718558.321
To: Calvert 14.8.2008 at 08:25
I hope you can understand just why I am now exceptionally skeptical about this whole process. There was nothing, nothing about Buzzerbeater's influence on the HT website itself that was a positive change for the players during the time that they were here. From what I have read here it was real positive for them, though.

Buzzerbeater has, to my knowledge, had no influence at all on the design of the Hattrick-website. Which aspects of the "influence" are you sceptical about ?

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.360 as reply to 11718558.357
To: Everyone 15.8.2008 at 11:24
We haven´t changed our stance on Flash. We will use it more or less the same way we do today, if it´s within the central gameplay it will always be optional. Hattrick is and will remain a text-based game, because that is how we like it. It will perfectly accessible by mobile devices after the redesign as well.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.365 as reply to 11718558.362
To: Seran 15.8.2008 at 11:34
So waht does this mean in the practical sense?

It means that in this regard things will not change from how they are now. Flash has it´s place today, and it has a very similar role on the new site. There will not be lots of Flash on the new site, and Flash will not decrease the accessibility on the new site.

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By: HT-Oxidus 11718558.335 as reply to 11718558.330
To: Calvert 14.8.2008 um 19:12
We are at crossed purposes here I feel.

You have said that the upcoming change to the website will be aesthetic and graphical in nature and used the relationship with Buzzerbeater as a positive example as to how this was going to be accomplished. You also said that the new format was going to make skinning the website far easier.

I think you've got the wrong end of the stick here. The changes are aesthetical as well as technical. On the one hand, there is the appearance of the website, which is being designed as hattrick, regardless of outside influences and on the other hand, the way the HTML and CSS is handled will be redone. I'll address the buzzerbeater question at the end of the post, as the answer is more pertinent to your final point.

This is why I have the issue. When the Buzzerbeater ads were placed on the HT website they were designed so that they would crack through skins. They were impossible to get rid of and they were formatted in such a manner that they could not be adblocked .. (snip).

The ability to place a flash banner on the hattrick site has, as far as I know, always been available to the development team. Nothing was changed to add that particular marketing campaign. The ads could just have easily been for sony vaio, apple mac or burger king. This is where our lines are crossed, the technical influence of buzzerbeater doesn't extend to how advertisments are shown on hattirick - the two things are unrelated.

If this is not the case, please tell us and be plain about it. By claiming that the relationship with Buzzerbeater and how it was handled was positive instead of badly designed, incredibly pushy and unnecessarily hard-sold I am very concerned about a repeat of what happened the next time the HTs have another business partner they want to promote...a repeat which would seem to be even more workable for you guys under the new design and even harder for us to get around.

The relationship with other site hasn't been touted as positive example, but the way that the other site was programmed to provide a fluid layout with CSS. Looking purely at the buzzerbeater site as an abstracted entity, irrespective of adverstising, linking and and marketing, the positives to be drawn are based on the way their game site has been built. I could use a different example of a CSS based site, such as youtube and cite that as technical influence. The positives are based purely on knowledge of CSS and proper html standards.

I can see your concerns with the way the relationship between the sites was handled, but I can assure you that that isn't the issue here and is actually a completely different conversation, that while interesting, has nothing to do with the actually redesign project we're discussing in this thread. Hattrick isn't being redesigned to make use of more advertising, but to be technically coherent with current web standards. Something that buzzerbeater is and we are not.

Hope this clears things up.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.360 as reply to 11718558.357
To: Everyone 15.8.2008 at 11:24
We haven´t changed our stance on Flash. We will use it more or less the same way we do today, if it´s within the central gameplay it will always be optional. Hattrick is and will remain a text-based game, because that is how we like it. It will perfectly accessible by mobile devices after the redesign as well.

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By: HT-Johan 11718558.365 as reply to 11718558.362
To: Seran 15.8.2008 at 11:34
It means that in this regard things will not change from how they are now. Flash has it´s place today, and it has a very similar role on the new site. There will not be lots of Flash on the new site, and Flash will not decrease the accessibility on the new site.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11728805.1 as reply to ???
To: Everyone 15.8.2008 at 13:34
On MyHT space you now got two links to two examples of how the new design will look like. Hope you like it!

(Everything is of course not set in stone to 100% yet, so feedback is much appreciated)

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By: HT-Tjecken 11728805.21 as reply to 11728805.19
To: lauri_90 15.8.2008 at 13:47
Is there news ticker in new design?

Yep, just to the right of the Hattrick logo as in the current design.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11728805.51 as reply to 11728805.40
To: jjcnn 15.8.2008 at 14:09
One thing springs to mind, though: It looks very, very green. Have you thought about adding just a bit more colour to the layout? Even the red hattrick mobile 'ad' in the top right corner adds alot to the current colour scheme.

Yes, we have. And the pictures will most likely get more colours, making it not only green.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11728805.57 as reply to 11728805.53
To: Dr_Death 15.8.2008 at 14:15
On the staff site, why do you waste so much space right in the middle, and why do you show one information (number of employees) twice?

We've actually played around a bit with the "wasted space" here. It's not unlikely that we remove some "wasted space" and place something else to the right (like the sponsor picture on the economy page). That said, we got to find something that fits too. But just as you we think it's not perfect.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11728805.68 as reply to 11728805.56
To: Dr_Death 15.8.2008 at 14:22
Where will the mailbox be? I cannot see it in the menues...

In the My Hattrick menu, and a quick link of some kind too I suppose (all such links/icons aren't in this pictures, but there will be some of course).

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By: HT-Tjecken 11728805.83 as reply to 11728805.82
To: losmaster 15.8.2008 at 14:42
what if I don't have a YA? will those links still show in my left-hand menu? Because it would just be a waste of space for those without YAs.

No, the menu will only be there if you have a YA

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By: HT-Johan 11728805.132 as reply to 11728805.126
To: rustie 15.8.2008 at 17:24
Will the forums be integrated like its currently or are you looking at moving to some form of seperate phpBB?

Also, alot of web-game sites have php-type forums, but it is apart from their game site, meaning you need a 2nd id and password for that forum board, leading to alot of confusion. Please keep it integrated in the game as it is now.

I dont think you will make it seperate, but I just thought I'd ask it.

Forums will of course not be under separate login, they will better integrated then they are today actually, as you will not need to reload frameset and "leave" the game when you enter the forums, as today, but it will rather be one of the choices in the top menu, and when you want to leave you can go to your Club for example in one click.

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By: HT-Oxidus 11728805.254 as reply to 11728805.249
To: wurmi 16.8.2008 at 14:02
just one note: rounded corners were in fashion 2-3 years ago. nowaydays more and more websites are dumping them again.

There is one big advantage to using rounded corners. Once you have a robust css solution to display them, then square / cut-off / ornamental corners are a lot easier to do with the same css, as the box design has been thought through and properly implemented from the start.

Just my opinion.

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By: HT-Johan 11728805.280 as reply to 11728805.279
To: brent_g 16.8.2008 at 21:14
Pff. :-/ Not really... Please read the other topic about the new design. :-)

Feedback has been overall positive in the forums I have checked, which is Global plus 5-6 national forums. Of course there are objections, but some of them I think will be attended to in the final design, whereas others can be solved though skinning. I´m quite pleased with the reactions so far I have to say, I expected worse.

Where is this topic where everyone is displeased with the new design? I can´t find it..?

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By: HT-Johan 11728805.284 as reply to 11728805.281
To: Tjikki 16.8.2008 at 21:17
I havent bin following this tread.

But in denmark we are hoping for a new color.

Like This.


An un-green Hattrick?? Man, have you had too many elephant beers?

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By: HT-Johan 11728805.288 as reply to 11728805.286
To: Julen 16.8.2008 at 21:19
you pbb mean this thread, in the end they were complaining/discussing about the use of flash and how it could affect the use of mobile devices to access HT: (11718558.357)

Oh, that one. Well, that was based on the assumption that we are going to make more use of Flash than today, which we are not going to do.

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By: HT-Johan 11728805.289 as reply to 11728805.287
To: Tjikki 16.8.2008 at 21:19
:P i dont say that, but more colors. It would make the design more happy. I think the design is sad. The design now say hello.

The new say goodbye.

a new colour would make it say OMG im sexy. x)

Hehe, maybe a sexy skin then :)

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By: HT-Oxidus 11728805.332 as reply to 11728805.331
To: MonsieurBon 17.8.2008 at 15:18
I thought rounded corners with CSS are not displayed by all browsers???'

Depends how you do it, I guess :-)

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By: HT-Aartspam 11728805.488 as reply to 11728805.487
To: Wupper18 27.8.2008 at 17:37
I saw some new design details. But it is different from the screenshots.

You probably saw something else. But certainly no new design.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11728805.625 as reply to 11728805.624
To: Freeze 26.9.2008 at 15:59
I'm sorry if it has already been mentioned, but there is a feature I'd love to have implemented now that you are rewriting everything anyway:

A "translate this page into [dropdown menu]" function on all pages (especially the player page) without it changing my preference settings in my profile.

You're aware that you can go to the start page (click to hattrick logo for example) and change language there, and it only changes your language for that session?

Keywords: (New website design)

By: HT-Tjecken 11728805.629 as reply to 11728805.627
To: Freeze 26.9.2008 at 16:40
You're aware that you can go to the start page (click to hattrick logo for example) and change language there, and it only changes your language for that session?

No, I actually didn't know that, guess that makes it a bit easier. But it's still a bit inconvenient if you suddenly need to tanslate something to have to go to the front page, change the language and then navigate back to the page you wanted to have translated. I'd still prefer to have it on the actual page - perhaps just as an icon you can click that then brings forward a language change dropdown for that particular page. It would be neat for posting player skills etc.

I understood your wishes, just wanted to point out that there already is feature (allthough not the best one) to use.

But, it's also a feature that very few users will use (at least what I think) and I'm not sure having a language icon on each page is the way to go with that in mind. I understand that some would find it useful though.

Keywords: (New website design)

By: HT-Tjecken 11728805.632 as reply to 11728805.631
To: Mod-Xenios 26.9.2008 at 16:49
But, it's also a feature that very few users will use (at least what I think)

Don't underestimate this. I've seen quite a lot threads concerning this missing feature on the players page in the conferences in the last months.

I'd make a big note on this "community wish" on that dev's table. :)

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By: HT-Johan 11751861.6 as reply to 11751861.5
To: Everyone 2008-08-23 at 14:04
We will be looking to give community content more visibility on the site. In the first version of the redesign things will not be that different from how they are today, though, but it is something we have discussed and which has "a place" in the new design, where it had no really good place before.

AHP needs to be rethought. It is more or less hidden on the site today, which is why the ad it had on the front page was so important. Unfortunately, this led to the ad being quite misused, since everyone wanted the top spot all the time.

I don´t think it is fair to blame poor Cartoon United for anything, implementing that has not taken many hours in the grand scheme of things.

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By: HT-Johan 11751861.13 as reply to 11751861.7
To: Catalyst2950 23.8.2008 at 16:06
Do you plan on making HT a bit more "social"? There's a potential for some kind of a social network here.

I think a nice evolution of Supporter would be more flexibility in terms of how you connect with others - more "privacy" for those that want that, more "intimacy" for those that want that. You might want to support different users in different ways.

Keywords: (Community), (New design), (Supporter)

By: HT-Tjecken 11842273.10 as reply to 11842273.1
To: JNorRock 12.9.2008 at 13:13
I'm just curious. How/When are we going to see the new design? does anyone know? Are we going to come to the site and will it look different before we even log in or are we going to come see everything as normal log in and BAM! everything changes? can anyone give me some insight as to how it will go down? will the HT let us know when the "change" will happen or will it be a surprise?

A rough schedule (but I can't give any specific dates) looks like this:

You've seen two examples (screenshots) of the new design. You will also get to see other examples soon. When the new design is done (all pages transfered/built), we will let stage users test it. After the test phase is completed, the new design will be releases for everyone. We will inform you in advance when the design will change, so you're prepared for it. A rough estimation would be that the new design will be released within 2-3 months, so we're not that far way.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.1 as reply to ?
To: Everyone 23.9.2008 at 14:37
On My Hattrick space you can now find one/two examples of the new design. This time it's the player page, which in our most humble subjective opinion not only has become a lot better - it also feels a lot more Hattrick than before. :)

I hope you all like it as much as we do, but we're of course listening to what you have to say about it.

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By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.14 as reply to 11901740.8
To: dookie 23.9.2008 at 14:44
will it be possible for supporters to see skill as they are now?

Yes, both ways to present skills will be choosable for all users.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.23 as reply to 11901740.18
To: GunterDroopy 23.9.2008 at 14:47
Will stamina be publicy visible for every player?

Haven't really thought about that (it was just more natural to place stamina there), but it's something to think about when you mention it.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.34 as reply to 11901740.25
To: TranceMaker 23.9.2008 at 14:53
Can a supporter switch to the non-supporter of the player page? Already answered. But will I be able to view the picture of my player and the rest of the supporter features used in the first picture for supporters?

Of course.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.47 as reply to 11901740.27
To: oldtrafford 23.9.2008 at 14:59
I hope the cartoonesk pictures will not be the one...I like the actual ones much more...

The rest looks great!

The new pictures will be the only ones. We do realize that some users like the old pictures, that's pretty natural after all. But the new ones fit better into Hattrick (not only this new design) and are more Hattrickish so to say. In a way, they are much like we wanted them to be in the first place (but it was out of reach back then). Moreover, the new pictures also got a lot more details than the old ones. It took some hours/days to get used (at least for me), but now I can just sit and stare at them for hours. They simply make the game more alive for me.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.50 as reply to 11901740.32
To: Juanval 23.9.2008 at 15:01
When will be able to see this new design in the game?

Within 2 months is a good estimation today. I think we will open up the new design for test on Stage in about 3 weeks, but we will naturally have our own tests first too.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.61 as reply to 11901740.35
To: Kniff 23.9.2008 at 15:05
- can you move keeper skill on top or bottom

I guess so. :)

- can you show also the directions for the last five positions like Forward (def) instead of Forward (I also miss this for the youth)

Perhaps. We'll have a look.

- I miss the link of his development

It's an icon (the last one).

- can you also offer a link directly to the line up of each game in history?


Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.63 as reply to 11901740.37
To: oldtrafford 23.9.2008 at 15:07
When are the supporters going to have the possibillity to have simple things like shirtdesign in youthacademy?

Will it be in use from thiss new design, earlier or never?

Definitely not never, but I'm not sure it will be ready together with the release of the new design (but I hope so).

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.64 as reply to 11901740.39
To: TranceMaker 23.9.2008 at 15:08
Where is the player's shirt number? :)

It will be in the picture, in the right corner. Cards will also be placed in the picture (and red ones will be very visible).

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.67 as reply to 11901740.58
To: shortcut 23.9.2008 at 15:10
hmm, I do like the cartoons but I sure hope that some of the player manage to open their eyes...?

Oh yes. I guess this guy is just a little bit shy...getting all this attention and all.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.80 as reply to 11901740.73
To: dijkmans 23.9.2008 at 15:13
Will the players keep the same characteristics? So will my black player still be black, and will me redhaired player still have red hair?

Yep, there will be some more variations now (as the new ones got more variations), but it will be about the same. No beards though.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.104 as reply to 11901740.97
To: ADOROLAROMA 23.9.2008 at 15:32
Just a question, new faces are dressed with official team shirt (for example, if my colours are red and white, shirt is red and white, if colours are blue and black, shirt is blue and black, or shirt will be a default une?

The idea is like you think, players will be dressed in their team jerseys.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.112 as reply to 11901740.108
To: ADOROLAROMA 23.9.2008 at 15:36
As I said before... something default, or EXACT copy of my shirt (also if I put some lines of different colours... will they be reproduced in player's image)?

Yes. We still have some work left on that front, but our aim is to have also that ready in time for the release.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.119 as reply to 11901740.57
To: Diavaros 23.9.2008 at 15:45
How many faces you have ?

A lot. We haven't really calculated how many combinations there are, but there are over 100 million at least.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.130 as reply to 11901740.118
To: lestat01 23.9.2008 at 15:53
In Hattrick right now features that are suporter only just don't show up for non supporters, having that there is just ridiculous... Will all the non supporters pages be filled with "Only available for supporters" messages

Understandable reaction. One "problem" today is that it's very hard for a non-supporter to actually know what the Supporter package contains, and this is a way to make them more visible. To some extent we do this in the tools menu today, but that's just a few of the supporter features. Of course, it shouldn't feel cheeky either.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.153 as reply to 11901740.145
To: kevinschoen 23.9.2008 at 16:20
Will there be an option to disable faces, like today?

Yep, that option will stay.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.157 as reply to 11901740.147
To: mastercyb 23.9.2008 at 16:22
I think those sentences: available only for supporters, are not cool at all.

It may have gotten a little bit too far in this example yes. I'm sure we can make that information look a lot better, or tone it down a bit.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.164 as reply to 11901740.158
To: NHF-Grevling 23.9.2008 at 16:28
Will there be a new team kit designer to?

Maybe. ;)

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.331 as reply to 11901740.330
To: Everyone 24.9.2008 at 11:45
It's really great to read all your opinions, feedback, likings and critic. We were very aware of from the start of this whole project that there will be different opinions about design matters, especially as we haven't made it a habit of ours to change it that often. Unfortunately we will never be able to satisfy everyone to 100%, but we're very glad that most of you seem to like the new look in general (even if there are parts of it you don't like). But your feedback is very valuable for us, and there are naturally some things we will tweak/change after your feedback. I'll try to include a lot of different answers/topics in this post (instead of answering each thing seperately):

First, one thing we will change is the way to "show supporter features on non-supporter pages". We agree with you here, we can make this a lot better (to be honest, we were not at all satisfied or ready with this - but we wanted some opinions about it). While we still see a need of some way of displaying that there are more features for Supporters on a particular page, we don't really need to spell it out on your noses over and over again.

A clarification, icons (actions and supporter features) will also have text just like today's icons, and in the simple skin they may also get transfered into text links (allthough it's not been finally decided yet). Overall, the simple skin will contain much less images etc than the normal look and while it may not be especially designed for mobile browsing it might still be quite useful for mobile devices. As mentioned last time, we may also develop a real mobile skin.

And finally, the the faces. If it was something we knew would be discussed in advance it was the new faces. We knew many would like them, and we also thought there will be some who think they're too much. At least in the beginning, before you get used to them.

There's really a lot you can say about these pictures, and as it's a comic style some think they're childish. I definitely don't agree that these pictures are childish, quite the contrary - as comics they're rather very much designed for an older audience. But as they're still comics, some people may of course percieve them as childish in that sense. It's however not something to argue about, I mean I can't really say someone is wrong because he think they're childish. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

What I however think is the big change for many people is that it kind of gives a less "deadly-serious" image (some have used the word professional here, but imho serious is a better word. And here we can only agree of course, the current pictures are much more serious. But also very dull to be honest. These new pictures are much more alive and they fit very well with the Hattrick design, and I also think they will boost gamers who like to role play their team. But the new pictures are not as serious as the old ones, but they do provide character to the site/game.

Now, I do think most people will get used to the new faces and come to like them within some time. I know I did. I also thought the new faces were a little bit too much (to say the least!) when I first saw them, but now I adore them. As a matter of fact. I can't remember how any of my players look like today and I tend to keep my players for a long time. But I already remember how many of my players look like in the new design, and they've suddenly become so much more alive.

So, the faces is a big change indeed. And even though we know all people will not appreciate the new faces and rather keep the old ones (or none), we're convinced that the majority of our users will not only get used to them but also come to like them within some time.

I will however lobby for beards. Just like some else in here, beards is what makes a man. :)

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.365 as reply to 11901740.356
To: TheItse 24.9.2008 at 13:36
A question: are we going to see something truly extreme like aliens, cowboys and players without faces?


Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.367 as reply to 11901740.354
To: Flensbaca 24.9.2008 at 13:40
A little thing I want to make, is that you should not change the player's skills displayed. Okay if you can choose to add the new, but fundamentally it should be that it is so you don't lose the hatrick feeling so it don't becomes too much like other internet games.

In the player list we will still use the old classic way to present skills. On the player page you get the option to choose.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.374 as reply to 11901740.368
To: GrooveS 24.9.2008 at 13:58
Tjecken, will the new design be left-sided, or will their be blank space on both sides of the page, as it is now?

It will be as it is now more or less.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.375 as reply to 11901740.370
To: xjuice 24.9.2008 at 14:05
Will the new faces be derived according to the old faces or will they be created from scratch? I mean, will my baldies still be bald, will my reddies still be red-haired etc.? I don't mind if my player shave their beards and mustaches (in singular that's a good band from Sweden, btw ;) to honor the new design, if they just grow them back some day. For me more important is that the new face of a player will look similar to the old one.

The new pictures got more variations than the old one, but they will still be based on the old ones. Your black players will still be black, your bald players will still be bald and your blonde players will still be blonde. But there will be more variations of "short hair" and more variations of "brown hair". Like Janne in the picture for example, he's still got brown hair (but light brown) and it's indeed somewhat longer (but not still not "long").

But like already mentioned, Gilette seems to have performed a divine marketing campaign in the Hattrick universe as there is a general lack of beards.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.377 as reply to 11901740.371
To: hacos 24.9.2008 at 14:14
To me it seems it was never your intention to listen to the users, but we will have to do with it the way it is in the sneak-peak.

There is a difference between listening and "we will do exactly as you want". Listening means we take what you say into account, and ask ourselves if we still believe this is the best for the game/site. We have indeed changed some things in the design after your feedback, like for example how to tell/show Supporter features for non-supporters. But there are also other things where we still think the presented way is the best for the game in the long run, but it doesn't mean we don'tl take your opinion into account. But sometimes we just think differently than you.

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.566 as reply to 11901740.559
To: Sassenmann 16.10.2008 at 20:14
Anything new from the beard front?

I think it's safe to say that my first real lobby effort has been a success. There'll be beards. :)

Keywords: (New design), (Redesign)

By: HT-Tjecken 11901740.570 as reply to 11901740.565
To: Arnoso 16.10.2008 at 20:31
So how did the preview go? when are you planning on deploying to the rest of us hat-fans?


The preview, or rather test, went very well. They all liked it (both Hattrickers and non-Hattrickers) and they had no problem to find their way around the site. To be honest, they actually didn't have any "complaints" at all, just some suggestions which we of course will think about.

That said, it's not ready to be launched for all of you yet. First we must of course test the new design in our stage environment, and even if that's not that far away it's still hard to predict when all small errors and such are solved - because first then it's ready for launch.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.1 as reply to ?
To: Everyone 28.10.2008 at 10:11
Some news for you about the progress with our new design on MyHT space now. And with it you also get two more examples of it, and we're very curious to hear your reactions on the new series page.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.9 as reply to 12087334.4
To: Eddie 28.10.2008 at 10:22
I like the Recent Visitors. Will that also be part of everybody's teampage?


Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Johan 12087334.12 as reply to 12087334.10
To: mohansa 28.10.2008 at 10:25
One of the headlines should probably be changed from "Newd" to "News", but other than that it looks good. :-)

Newd = New design for lazy people ;)

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.29 as reply to 12087334.7
To: KenAlog 28.10.2008 at 10:31
Sorry, I'm too confused. What is the different between that two examples skin?

The simple skin works better for smaller screens, like 800x600. It will also be faster to load since the layout is less heavy with no rounded corners (less markup and fewer images to load) and less other extras. For example the icons on the player details page is replaced by text links.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.33 as reply to 12087334.11
To: Ratsia 28.10.2008 at 10:34
The light skin was partly used to satisfy the needs for mobile users, right?

Not really, but it may be better to use than the standard skin for mobile users. A "real" mobile skin or similar will most likely also be available, but later on and not included in this first release.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.46 as reply to 12087334.31
To: dancing_rob 28.10.2008 at 10:43
It removes an element of bluff from tactical preparation

How do you mean?

and also seems to go against the 'don't need to be online continually' philosophy if you can see when an opponent is doing something.

You still don't need to, but that said we of course hope and want people to be active and log in more often than just once a week. It should be possible to play Hattrick without logging in each and every day, but still we hope people will like to that.

Overall, we're convinced that activity leads to activity - which in the end leads to a better gaming experience and enjoyment of the game (and the community).

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.60 as reply to 12087334.54
To: xavi_torres 28.10.2008 at 11:03

What does mean in My HT : the end is near ?

Could we expect the switch within a couple of weeks or a couple of monthes ?

I used the term "some weeks" on purpose, as we haven't set any final date yet. How far away it is depends on how the testing goes really. It's not a matter of "many months", but it's not just two weeks either. Somewhere in between. When a final date is set, you will of course be informed about it on MyHT space.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.61 as reply to 12087334.59
To: rei85 28.10.2008 at 11:03
What's Travel Stats?

How far/much you travel each season for series matches.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.67 as reply to 12087334.53
To: dancing_rob 28.10.2008 at 11:09
By showing that a manager has or has not changed his team in the last few days, it gives an advantage to those of us who spend a lot of time here, as we can then tell whether we are likely to be facing a default lineup, a lineup that has been amended many times, or something that has been thought about briefly, and entered onto the site on Tuesday afternoon before the form update.

You can, almost, draw the same conclusions from looking at the "recent logins". It may not be as visible of course, which make this a little bit simpler to see.

It's not that I don't understand your reasonings, but on the other side: If you see that your opponent gives match orders, wouldn't you be much more inspired to the same? Wouldn't it make you feel that you're actually facing a human manage, and not some machine? As I said in my last post, we're convinced that activity leads to activity which makes it a better game.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Klas 12087334.71 as reply to 12087334.56
To: rei85 28.10.2008 at 11:12
Isn't it an old feature? I seem to remember checking weather opponents had set lineups some time in the past....

-- I'm playing Hattrick since 2005 and I've never seen a feature like that.

Actually, at the very beginning of HT you could see if a manager had placed a matchorder (and even what it was :-0

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.72 as reply to 12087334.55
To: Jebbyc 28.10.2008 at 11:13
Isn't it an old feature? I seem to remember checking weather opponents had set lineups some time in the past....

Actually it is an old feature, but I guess you haven't experienced it.

In the very old days (in the age of the dinosaurs...) you could see when someone had made an order. Moreover, you could also see which position on the field a player got (something you will not know now). This lead to quite interesting match order battles before the server closed for the night (the server closed at 00.30 each night at that time...).

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.77 as reply to 12087334.63
To: rei85 28.10.2008 at 11:15
What's Travel Stats?

-- How far/much you travel each season for series matches. -- ehm, it's still quite obscure :p

Do you mean how many km my team bus covers each season? XD

Yep. :)

Not the most important stats of course, but the more the merrier. :)

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.85 as reply to 12087334.79
To: Ratsia 28.10.2008 at 11:21
Clarifying question: Will the message be shown only once, when the user first sets up the lineup? Or will each subsequent change give a new message?

Right now the message is shown only once, but if you set a new order that message will change date. So, it may look like a new message - but the old one is also deleted at the same time.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.89 as reply to 12087334.86
To: Ossie_Bossie 28.10.2008 at 11:25
I assume that the (6) next to My Hattrick is the amount of new mails?

Yes, but that may be moved to a separate icon.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.94 as reply to 12087334.91
To: MD-JakobTrier 28.10.2008 at 11:35
When all the pages have been moved to .Net and the new design has been implemented will you then have other big projects to work on or will you start to fix some of the bugs that have been reported that you have not yet had the time to fix?

We will not have as huge projects as the dotnetification and the new design, that's for sure. We will start working on a "new" supporter package, it's been like 2 years since that last real upgrade so it's about time. But that project will not occupy everybody's hands, so there will be time for other stuff too. Just exactly what is not yet decided, but there is a few other areas which also need attention. We can't do them all at once, but we'll start somewhere (can't specify it better than that right now) at least.

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Johan 12087334.102 as reply to 12087334.96
To: jakob_s 28.10.2008 at 11:57
...but it increases the possibility of surveilling other users in Hattrick. I really don't like that.

Please re-consider these features very seriously.

Actually, it doesn´t. I can´t follow, you around or make any logs of your activity, since this is not logged per user but by page visted.

To monitor you, I have to already know where you went, which maybe does not then make it very interesting to monitor you any more.

And even the logs on the page visited are very temporary, they only show the last 5 visits.

The way this feature works, once you get used to it, is twofold: 1. It gives you a nice feeling iof there being activity and interest in your team and others, which is perfectly true but today not tangible at all. 2. It gives you a chance to connect to people (and perhaps, more importantly, reconnect to people you already know)

I can assure you it is not as menacing as it may seem :)

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.164 as reply to 12087334.159
To: accull 28.10.2008 at 14:42
I really think you should quit looking at James Bond movies for a while :)

Why you consider visiting someone's team page as spying?

Right now there's an HFA official positioned outside every clubhouse in the Hattrick world, and his only job is to hand out a nice set of fake mustasche, nose and glasses (all in one of course!) to everyone who wants to enter the clubhouse. ;)

Keywords: (New design)

By: HT-Tjecken 12087334.174 as reply to 12087334.170
To: jahiklubi 28.10.2008 at 15:03
In real life, no one knows their opponents' tactics or when their team is introduced to it or whatever (in case they are not cheating, but Hattrick shouldn't promote such things, right?).

Actually, irl teams have to deliver a line-up (players registrated for the match) an hour or so before the match.

In Hattrick you will not know which players are in the match order (and not which tactics and formations either), you will only know your opponent gave his players instructions.

Keywords: (uptime review, stability, performance)

By: HT-Tjecken 12435114.26 as reply to 12435114.25
To: Nesko_Jebanovic 03.02.2009 at 13:56
Nice job on this and also on the HT stability in the recent period (no server downs, no timeouts...)

Thanks. Actually we found ourselves facing a new "problem" related to the server stability this weekend when the "Uptime review" mails were sent out to our Supporters. The "problem" was that we didn't have any unplanned downtime in January at all (we hardly had any in December after the release of the new Design either), the only downtime we had was the planned season break downtime - and as a matter of fact we only used 5 of those 6 hours. So, in January we were actually online more than 100%. ;)

So, what's the "problem" then? The problem was that we didn't have any translated text that said that there was nothing to compensate this month. And as we felt it would have taken too long time to write/translate a new text, we simply chose to compensate for the 5 hours of planned downtime this time. :)

Next time we'll be better prepared for 100% uptime! :D