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By: HT-Hasse 1523089.29 as reply to 1523089.28
To: dansyl 21-07-2004 at 12:14
I assume weather events are incorporated before the actual game too.

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By: HT-Hasse 2249571.253 as reply to 2249571.243
To: shinzui 29-12-2004, at 00:46
Open up all the weights so that managers can see exactly what they are and you wouldn't have any question of mistaken estimations.

Revealing the formulas of the match engine is definitely something we will never do.

I should add though that there is no ratio or exchange rate between scoring and passing for instance. They are two different things. It would be like trying to answer how many kilos a minute is.

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By: HT-Bjorn 2636166.29 as reply to 2636166.1
To: Everyone 25-02-2005 at 20:28

Let me state here and now, once and for all:

  • I have not stated, and I will not state, whether the game engine is linear or not.
  • In a matter such as this one, there are very few members even of the HT-team who knows for sure exactly how it works. Remember that not every word spoken by a person with HT-prefix should automatically be considered an official statement representing the whole HT-team. (Although, you may consider this particular posting an official statement from the only one who knows for sure about this particular question :).
  • The Match Engine works exactly as it is intended in this respect (whether that be linear or non-linear). This also implies that there is no reason to suggest fixes for this or that, because we are well aware of the implications of how it works, and have designed the game engine as a whole based on that design.
  • I will (probably) not answer any follow-up questions in this or other threads about this matter, beyond what I state above.

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By: HT-Bjorn 2796895.19 as reply to 2796895.18
To: Mod-Rhoddry 24-03-2005 at 06:10
(Translation)Calculations start at kick-off :o) The 15 mins before match start is like a "time buffer" for different kinds of stuff and so that ppl won't place orders at the same moment matches are about to start, which could mess things up a bit.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.97 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 04.07.2007 at 14:10
Reply to (8995830.320)

Does the game engine assign luck or bad luck to teams?


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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.113 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 19.09.2007 at 15:44
Reply to (8995830.500)

--- Will the expected changes in match engine - to promote multiskill players - weaken, or even completely eliminate "Norge" tactics?

First of all I think it's important to say that it's a good thing for the game if you can use many different tactics, the more the merrier. Hence our aim shouldn't be to reduce the number of tactics, quite the opposite. But at the same time the use of extreme tactics (such as the Norge tactics) shouldn't be too successful

What is too successful then? Well, the use of an extreme tactic (playing with defense only, or attack only - more or less neglecting part of the team) should pay off occasionally, but not in the long run. So it should be possible to take a chance by using an extreme tactic and actually pull it off, but most of the times it should fail (if the opponent is using a team/tactic good enough of course).

I think this actually works quite good today, extreme tactics isn't good in the long run. The "Norge tactics" (strong midfield and attack, no defense) has however become a very popular tactics and some believe it's too powerful. The reason for its "success" is however more related to the fact that users fail in their tactic choices when facing an all-out-attack team than something being actually wrong in the game engine. Naturally most users think it's funnier to make a lot of goals and don't spend that much money on their defense, which makes the situation easier for all-out-attack teams. And of those who focus on the defense many just skip the midfield/attack and focus on the defense only - a tactic which is in fact even more extreme and therefore even worse to use.

But back to the original question now: No, the coming changes in the game engine will not completely eliminate extreme tactics. But yes, the coming changes will weaken the effect of them. We want to promote the use of multiskilled players and make it desirable to have a (at least) doubletrained players in every position, which means we're looking into the contribution for different positions and see how different training decisons pay off. For example it should be more desirable to use a wing back trained in both defending and winger instead of just one of the skills (and play the single-skilled defensive (or offensive) with a decent result) - even if you'll always have that (worse) alternative.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.120 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 15.10.2007 at 17:21
Reply to (8995830.991)

I just want to know if Random exists. There are some matches with really wierd results but there is no real proof of it. Could you solve this everlasting dilema and tell us if Random exists or not.

Random, or rather variance, is of course a factor in the game engine. Otherwise Hattrick wouldn't really be much of a game.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.136 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 30.11.2007 at 17:56
Reply to (10070922.302)

I'd like to know if the system about actions's distribution has been modified with the last engine's changing.

No, it has not.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.145 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 14.12.2007 at 15:10
Reply to (10070922.435)

Is there a difference in the distribution of chances based on the positioning of players, for example if I play 3 forwards an no wingers would I get more chances in the middle vs. when I play 2 forwards and 2 offensive wingers?

No, players positions do not affect the chance distribution. The only way for you to affect the distribution is to use the "attack in the middle" and "attack on the wings" tactics.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.155 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 23.12.2007 at 13:56
Reply to (10070922.510)

do you still plan to introduce the new engine with its dramatic decreases in the attack on the wings? i mean, you push the defense extremly and if you cut the offense at the same time, you double the effect.

Yes, we have no intention to make any adjustments to the new engine. At least not at this point.

The attack on the wings hasn't really been decreased, even though the effect of an offensive winger (and forwards to wing) has decreased. What we've done is to move some wing power to the wing back instead. A wing back playing normal will add quite much to the wing attacks, which wasn't the case in the old engine (hence why there are quite few really good wing backs too). Adding some winger to your wing back and let him play normal will add a lot to your wing attacks, and you will not lose much defense compared to letting him play defensive.

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By: HT-Tjecken 12615300.15 as reply to 12615300.15
To: artod 5.3.2009 at 13:09
When will you change the match engine (and I don't mean tweak some coefficients, I mean rewrite it from scratch) to overcome its design flaws?

It's not really flaws, but the way the match engine once was built limit our possibilities and choices. The base limitation is that the match engine is built on 4-4-2, and every other formation is actually still 4-4-2 to the matchengine (but some players are "repositioned"). It would certainly be a good thing to rewrite the engine to make it better cope with different formations, it would certainly improve the match engine as such, but also the add-ons (player orders) and the order interface. The whole game experience.

Now, I would be lying if I said that we've planned when to do this, we actually haven't decided to do it. That said, we've started to look at it and quite recently we've discussed the matter a lot. We're also quite tempted to do this, we think it will be really fun to do. Still, it's a massive work (where perhaps the biggest work is making the specification).

So, I guess I'm trying to say that there are no date set, and actually no real decision to do it is taken either. Still, I think you should have good hopes that this will be done - we're at least interested in getting it done.

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By: HT-Tjecken 12702823.31 as reply to 12702823.27
To: robster33 31-03-2009 at 21:45
You know, something that someone can just pop into the coding for 5 minutes and not interfere with any of the other items on your agenda?

Unfortunately you just don't do that with the match engine. Every change, even though you think it's a really, really small/minor/osmosis tweak, has a tendency to affect something else in the gameplay which wasn't obvious at first sight. But perhaps more variables (or rather, variances of those we have) might be possible.

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By: HT-Tjecken 12702823.32 as reply to 12702823.21
To: robster33 31-03-2009 at 21:50
Before this long and time-consuming process happens, could you make someone look into the code and tell us (preferably as a rules update announced in MyHT), how precisely are the match ratings calculated?

As minute 90 is one of the times used to calculate the average ratings shown (and we don't use every minute just yet), it does play a big impact on the average. Most likely a little too big impact. I just don't remember the times right now, but I'll see what I can do...