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From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.17) as reply to (7831771.16)
To: Everyone 10.01.2007 at 16:39
Reply to (7831762.531)

How do some players get nicknames? Can they be "born" with them?

Almost all players are "borned" with their nicknames. They get their nicknames before they reach the Hattrick pitch so to say. In rare occasions (like (2777922)) theyre given a nickname after a memorable moment in Hattrick.

Sometimes GMs also give some players an initial (like John F. Doe) if a team got two players with the same name.

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From: HT-Tjecken (7831771.21) as reply to (7831771.20)
To: Everyone 11.01.2007 at 14:42
Reply to (7831762.557)

Is it allowed to ask a GM to give some of (for example) my players a nickname? and if not, why not?

Well, it's allowed to ask - but you will not get a nickname for your player from the GMs. :) The only time GMs give players a "nickname" is when you got two players with the same name, then one of the players may get an initial between the names. For example, if you got two John Doe one can get called John F. Doe.

Way back (we're talking really old days now) GMs used to let the user choose a nickname instead of an initial if you got two players with the same name. But that system was unfortunately misused (ppl bought a crappy player with the same name as their star player to get the chance to give their star a nickname. When the star player had gotten his nickname the user fired the crappy player...).

I think nicknames are fun, but letting users give their players nicknames themselves is to open up Pandora's box. Sure, most of them would be ok, but a huge amount will be totally unappropriate and GMs have enough to do as it is already.

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From: HT-Johan (14421484.14) as reply to (14421484.1)
To: HoudiniBhoy 19.10.2010 at 11:03
It's a very common wish, but we have resisted it for reasons mentioned in the thread - it does make Hattrick a little less "unique" if users can choose name as they please. But I do think that with some simple rules it could enhance the game. Maybe nicknames could be applied more often, but linked to that the players need to "earn" them in some way, for example once a keeper keeps a clean sheet for three games in a row, or a forward decided an important game. And perhaps a user is allowed to name one or a few players, but not entirely free but by using the name databes (this would minimize abuse) an perhaps even nominate new names to the name database (but they would then first have to be accepted by HTs).

And yes, it would be reasonable that these features were exclusive to or more extensive for Supporters, as it has very much to do with customizing your team without getting any in-game favours.

Would some limitations like that make this more acceptable to those of you who didn't like the original idea?

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From: HT-Johan (14421484.18) as reply to (14421484.17)
To: oldtrafford 19.10.2010 at 11:57
Yep, that would be one way to do it. It would need to be rather strict I geuss to avoid having the system flooded with too many nicknames (or to have a really wide selection of available nicks to make them more interesting).

Another way is to be more allowing for "internal" nicks, ie, names only visible to yourself. There you could go crazy and choose whatever you want. And when a player transfers, it would be up to the receiving team after a transfer to choose if a name should be kept or not. Maybe fter a while also making it public. It would eb a way to filter and make names more anchored.