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In Hall of Fame Slovakia you find only the best managers and players from  Slovensko

Best logo designers

   Magnifier.png   Further information: Collecting Cards by LD-matis

Managers who are present at the forum beautiful logos and creations.

Slovakia LD_matis

Matis novinka

Team: FC Matis

Region: Košický

League: Slovakia III.11

Slovakia LD-Dracco


Team: Unreal Dragons CF

Region: Žilinský

League: Slovakia V.213

Slovakia Richmajster


Team: ŠTK Šamorín

Region: Trnavský

League: Slovakia V.182

Best Slovak managers

Older Account

Slovakia admoj

This manager plays Hattrick since 10. 7. 2003 (26 seasons).


Team: FO ŽP Šport Podbrezová

Region: Banskobystrický

League: Slovakia V.94

Manažér od

More time cup winner

Slovakia JAM3SoN

This manager won Slovak cup 3X. In addition to JAM3SoNa, 3x won Slovak cup also these managers (but they currently don't play Hattrick):

  • Thelonious (FC Jehovisti)
  • trubiroh (FC Zlomene vazy)
  • Mravec (FK Bizon Bratislava)


Team: Acheron Knights

Region: Trenčiansky

League: Slovakia IV.40


More achievements points

List of the best collectors of achievements:

Slovakia mischo98

This manager have 764 points in achievements.


Team: sk rk

Region: Žilinský

League: Slovakia 1. liga


More supporters

Slovakia tomikx

This manager have 126 supporters from 62 countries.


Team: FC Smilno TJ

Region: Prešovský

League: Slovakia VI.292


More posts in guestbook

Slovakia lazynko

This manager have 2277 posts in guestbook.


Team: 1.FC Pakostane

Region: Trnavský

League: Slovakia IV.23


OTJ Moravany - BOT

More flags collected

Slovakia svrco


This manager obtained 197 flags (home + away).


Team: 1. FC Kvetoslavov

Region: Bratislavský

League: Slovakia IV.18

Bigger stadium

Slovakia dundus

Big stadium

His stadium have capacity 350 000 seats.


Team: Pixel Pride

Region: Prešovský

League: Slovakia V.62

More stars in a match

Slovakia JAM3SoN

JAM3SoN played match in Hattrick Masters 27.12.2010 and in this match obtained 95 stars.


Team: Acheron Knights

Region: Trenčiansky

League: Slovakia IV.40


Higher TSI team

Slovakia tomikx

This manager had TSI team - 2 348 300 (24.2.2010).


Team: FC Smilno TJ

Region: Prešovský

League: Slovakia VI.292


Higher hatstats in a match

Slovakia Disky

Disky played match with Pokusny kralik 12.12.2009 and in this match made hatstats - 455.


Team: Hellsingborg

Region: Košický

League: Slovakia IV.55


More match in I. liga (with the same team)

Slovakia troll

This manager plyaed in I. lige 210 matches (with score 658:386 and obtained 414 point. 3X won this league).


Team: FC Slovan Zalesie

Region: Bratislavský

League: Slovakia VI.174

Best Slovak players

NT Slovensko Records

National Team Slovakia

Slovakia Matej 'Božský' Mertl

Matej Mertl played the biggest matches in National team Slovakia - 153. On World Championship played 63 matches. Matej for his great performances in matches got nickname "Božský". In your career give 8 hattricks. Currently is coach team FO ŽP Šport Podbrezová.

Matej božský Mertl

Team: FO ŽP Šport Podbrezová

Age: 41 years

Matches in NT: 153

Matches in U20: 9

Goals in cereer: 210

Slovakia Denis '"Postrach"' Backa

Denis Backa is second Slovak players, who got nickname. His nickname is "Postrach". Denis is currently coach and is free. In Slovak National team played 69 matches (53 matches on WC). In U20 played 26 matches. In his carrer gave 329 goals and 36 hattricks.

Denis backa

Team: -----

Age: 37 years

Matches in NT: 69

Matches in U20: 26

Goals in cereer: 329

Slovakia Šimon Bulejko

Šimon was our best keeper and was our mainstay in the gate. In National team played 116 matches (60 matches on WC). In U20 joined in 6 matches.

Šimon bulejko

Team: Homer Jay Team

Age: 33 years

Matches in NT: 116

Matches in U20: 6

Goals in cereer: 6

Slovakia Ivan Balberčák

Ivan have 34 years. He currently playing in team Acheron Knights. In National team played 103 matches (62 on WC) and 26 matches in U20. Ivan scored 293 goals and 26 hattricks.


Team: Acheron Knights

Age: 34 years

Matches in NT: 103

Matches in U20: 26

Goals in cereer: 293

NT U20 Slovakia Records

National Team U20 Slovakia

Slovakia Marián Grečo

Marián Grečo played 40 matches in U20. He have only 23 years and joined in 15 matches for NT. In his career gave 31 goals.


Team: Daisys Heartbeats

Age: 23 years

Matches in NT: 15

Matches in U20: 40

Goals in cereer: 31

Slovakia Albert Macháček

Albert Macháček played in U20 the most matches - 44. It is Slovak record. In National team played 1 match - 25.12.2009. In career scored 74 goals.


Team: Hughost

Age: 23 years

Matches in NT: 1

Matches in U20: 44

Goals in cereer: 74