Hannes Halberg

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Hannes Halberg (292411983)
Personal Information
Full name Hannes Halberg
Age61 years and 94 days
Country  Deutschland
Current team Italy F.C. Gioia Bella
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
42 (42) - 44 (44)Germany KSG Borbetomagus27(4)
44 (44) - ?Italy F.C. Gioia Bella1(1)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.


KSG Borbetomagus

Hannes Halberg was a forward for KSG Borbetomagus. He is one of the players who initially joined the team through its foundation and, besides Konrad Holt, one of two players who maintained a majority of starting line-up appearances. However, Halberg's appearances were rather decent compared to Holt. He never scored many goals though delivering solid performances, whereas he made 3 of his 4 goals in his career with a hat-trick in the 9-0 match against Vodka Bull during season 42.

Halberg was regarded archetype for KSG's attacking style. Not few goals had been scored by defenders and midfielders, whereas the attackers showed good skills in achieving "deadly passes" and good standards. The only exception to this was central forwarder Pauli Hartikainen, who besides passing skills also had remarkable scoring abilities.

Halberg was long known for his good endurance.

F.C. Gioia Bella

In week 12/44, Halberg was transferred to F.C. Gioia Bella in the course of a partial renewal of the KSGB team. Rumours say that he wanted to stay with his old team for his birthday, so the transfer was carried out on February 16; the theory is supported by the fact that he was gradually substituted by Javier Welmers and Silver Allikas.

His first appearance for Gioia Bella instead was more successful - he had his first full time appearance three days after he arrived in the team and scored the only goal of the match.