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Harimau Connection FC (1832925)
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Team data
Full name: Harimau Connection
Football Club 2013
Shotcut: Harimau Connection FC
Founded: 6th May 2013
Team colours: blue-real and white
Ground: Harimau Arena
Fanclub: The Tigers of Soccer
Social data
Country: Brunei Brunei
Continent: Asia
League: III.11
Owner: Italy ChiccoMN

Harimau Connection FC (1832925) is an Hattrick football club based in Tutong, Brunei that was originally founded on 6th May 2013.



Founded in the May 2013, Harimau Connection FC team was born as amateur football club with the aim to find new talent for national teams. This project is called Harimau project and for start this plan, the president made investments on opened a youthclub called Tigers Youth Club. Harimau Connection FC starts to play season 20 in league III.11.

Club Colors

Club colors are yellow, black and white as Brunei's flag.

Youth Club

The youth club of Harimau Connection FC is Tigers Youth Club. Youth matches are played in Harimau Municipal stadium.

Season 21

  • Brunei Hassan bin Hj Kamis
  • Brunei Neo Chee Kian
  • Brunei Lidi bin Abu
  • Brunei Weng Fa
  • Brunei Saiful Rizal Azam
  • Brunei Ling Huaize
  • Brunei Pundat bin Hj Halim
  • Brunei Aniket Prasad
  • Brunei Emir Siddiq


Harimau Arena at present.

Harimau Arena is the stadium of Harimau Connection FC from the Season 20.


  • Harimau Arena was built at the end of season 19 with 12.000 seats.
  • The colours are exclusively yellow,black and white
  • Hosts the Harimau Trophy tournament matches.



League Statistics

Season Series Standing Played Wins Draws Losses GF GA GD Points Cup
20 details III.111 Winner 14 12 2 0 36 10 +26 38 1st round
21 details II.1 7th 14 4 2 8 17 22 -5 14 2nd round
22 details ???.???? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? round


Coach Seasons Notes and profits
Brunei Safwan bin Hj Mohd 20 -> present

Team Top Scorers

Season Division Player Goals Trophy
Season 20 III.11 Serhan Paya - Ang Huat Han - Primitivo Pita 5 goals
Season 21 II.1 --- ---