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ChiccoMN (8546337)
Personal information
Place of birth: Lombardy, Italy
Residence: Lombardy, Italy
Gender: Male
Nationality: Italia Italy
Language(s): Italian
Joined: 10th October 2008
Hattrick related information
Senior Team: Virtus Gazoldo FC
Nationality: Italia Italy
Founded: 9th October 2008
Senior Team: Harimau Connection FC
Nationality: Brunei Brunei
Founded: 6th May 2013

ChiccoMN is the owner of Virtus Gazoldo FC, an Italian team of the Lombardy region.

Internet life[edit]

The begin[edit]

He has worked as entertainer, forums moderator and webmaster in many internet websites.

Hattrick activities[edit]

He landed to Hattrick under friend's suggestion at 10th October 2008. After the brilliant first season he know DJBluemaxTdB in a Hattrick's forum which it brought him in Taverna di Boe federation.

In Taverna di Boe federation[edit]

In Taverna di Boe federation founded Torneo della Taverna tournament (that is one of the greatest hattrick tournament with 64 teams participants) and still now he co-ordinate it. He also supervise the federation games writing some of them such as Match Ball, SnapShot-Game, Bomberissimi and Sherlok Holmes. He manage also the federation's youthleagues gather over 180 people in about 25 youthleagues. All winners from games, tournaments and youthleagues are added in Eroi della Taverna (Taverna Heroes) thread.

Since 03-08-2009, the federation joined in the most populated italian federations ranking.

In April 2010, DJBluemaxTdB (founder of Taverna di Boe federation) left his Chief Officer position to Chiccomn.

In National teams[edit]

Since September 2009 he began to work with national teams invented "Players Database Manager" role. He worked for Trinidad & Tobago National Team as inner midfielders and wingers scout for World Cup XIV and for U-20 Trinidad & Tobago team as goalkeepers scout for U-20 World Cup XIII and after as players database manager for U-20 Trinidad & Tobago team for U-20 World Cup XIV. In World Cup XV he worked for NT Trinidad & Tobago and NT Kampuchea as players database manager and also in U-20 World Cup XV he worked for U-20 Trinidad & Tobago and U-20 Kampuchea as players database manager. In World Cup XVI he worked for U-20 Trinidad & Tobago as player database manager and for U-20 Kampuchea as player database manager and wingers scout. He become U-20 Trinidad & Tobago's coach for U-20 World Cup XVI picked up 6 of the 12 votes. He tryed an historical Hosting Bid Competition for Trinidad & Tobago that won with 3 of the 4 votes hosting the World Cup XVII in T&T ground and always for World Cup XVII he worked for NT Trinidad & Tobago as head scout and market adviser. He was confirmed U-20 Trinidad & Tobago's coach for U-20 World Cup XVII picked up 11 of the 14 votes.

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