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This page is a proposed as a new Hattrick Wiki policy. The proposal may still be in development, under discussion, or in the process of gathering consensus for adoption. References or links to this page should not describe it as "policy".
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Administrators can protect a page to restrict editing or moving of that page, and remove such protection. There is only one type of protection right now: full protection disables editing for everyone except Administrators. Fully protected media files cannot be overwritten by new uploads.

Changes to protected pages should be proposed on the page's discussion page, and carried out once there is consensus to do so. A log of protections and unprotections is available at Special:Log/protect.

Administrators may unprotect a page if the reason for its protection no longer applies, a reasonable period has elapsed, and there is no consensus that continued protection is necessary. Contacting the administrator who originally protected the page is advised in unclear circumstances.

Full protection

A fully protected page may be edited only by administrators. The protection may be of a limited duration or indefinite.

Any modification to a fully protected page should be discussed on its talk page or in another appropriate forum. Once consensus has been established for the change, any administrator may make the necessary edits to the protected page. Placing the {{Protected|YYYY-MM-DD}} template at the top of the article can draw attention to the fact that the page is currently protected.

Reasons for protection

Content disputes

On pages that are experiencing edit wars, temporary full protection can force the parties to discuss their edits on the talk page, where they can reach consensus.

When protecting a page because of a content dispute, administrators normally protect the current version, except where the current version contains content that clearly violates content policies, such as vandalism, spam and/or violations of the House Rules. Administrators may also revert to an old version of the page predating the edit war if such a clear point exists. Pages that are protected because of content disputes should not be edited except to make changes unrelated to the dispute or to make changes for which there is clear consensus. Administrators should not protect or unprotect a page to further their own position in a content dispute.


Full protection is used when a large number of autoconfirmed accounts are used to make a sustained vandalism attack on an article.


Semi-protection doesn't exist on Hattrick Wiki. Pages can only be fully protected.

Creation protection

Creation protection works just as full protection. Non-existent pages may be protected, if they are repeatedly re-created after deletion in line with the deletion policy.

Contributors wishing to create an article with appropriate content should contact an administrator, if the page is fully protected and thus no creation is possible.


The following template may be added at the top of a page to indicate that it is protected: {{Protected|YYYY-MM-DD}}.