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Hattrick Youthclub is a browser-based helper application to help you manage and analyse your Hattrick youth academy.

You can manage all your current and former youth academy players, as well as adding all league and friendly matches and also each player's stars, ratings and coach comments.

Main features

This can be done either automatically or by 'copy & paste' but that's not all………

  • Scout and coach comments are clearly laid out and each player's current and potential skill levels are listed. One glance is enough to see if a player has reached his maximum skill level or how far he is away from it.
  • In Hattrick’s Youth Academy there (skill-) twins. We can detect them and offer additional skill information to you.
  • Because players that have been rejected (by other users) can be added, you have the chance to receive additional information about a player's skills.
  • Using our lineup help you can find the perfect lineup. Afterwards you can send it via CHPP to Hattrick (if you are a Hattrick Supporter).
  • If you want to know which position is the best for a certain player or if a player fits into your training regime for the senior team, then use skill analyzer - Here you can learn the level of your players, in a particular skill.
  • In addition, you can create a diagnosis, within seconds, of the skills of your individual players based upon their star ratings. The analyses are based upon a steadily growing data-base and as the data-base grows these analyses will become more and more accurate.
  • One of our newest features is the Calendar. In this calendar you can see training results and future matches, the skill-ups (pops) of your players, from the past, are displayed and you can also see a prediction of any future skill-ups. The birthdays of your players and the day on which you may promote them are, of course, also displayed. And more - but take a look yourself.

If this was still not enough for you, Hattrick Youthclub also offers many other useful features:

  • How many days it is before a player can be promoted to the senior team.

You can see if a player will not be able to play anymore in your academy (now or in the near future) because of his age.

  • A profit and loss account for your youth academy, which gives you feedback on how profitable your academy is.
  • Furthermore, Hattrick Youthclub offers many other small useful tools and information.

We are continuously working on the development of new tools and therefore it is always worth taking a look at our blog, facebook und twitter; to stay up-to-date with any changes.

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