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You can set up your own Youth Academy (YA), a youth team that can compete against other fellow teams in self-managed junior leagues.

Unlike in the youth squad, you cannot directly pull a youth player onto your senior team. Using scouts, you are able to train a new prospect every week. Only after a certain time, a full season at least, you will be able to promote him to your senior squad at the cost of 2 000 € or US$. You will be able to promote a player from your youth team to your A squad, as long the player:

  • is a minimum age of 17 years and 0 days,
  • has been in your youth squad for at least one season.

Comparison with senior team

The youth team is mostly independent from the senior squad: team spirit and flag collections are unbound and/or not implemented att all as their existence is not a certitude.

The main differences from the a standard team are:

  1. Players in the youth team have a cap for their qualities in a certain skill. At a certain moment the player won’t improve anymore, because he learned everything he can learn on the academy.
  2. It’s impossible to sell or buy players who are in the youth team. Also, the transfers between your youth squad and the senior squad is one way, i.e. you can’t place any players from your senior squad in your youth team.
  3. The youth players don't receive any wages, but the youth matches don’t give any profit either.
  4. Youth players heal injuries much faster than senior players.
  5. The type of training for junior players does NOT depend at all on the type of training set for the senior team; but, like senior players, young players risk losing part of their weekly training due to injuries during matches.


   Magnifier.png   Further information: Youth Scout Comments

Every week you will have the possibility to use your scouts to search for a talent for your youth team.

The scouts will supply you with new players for your youth team. The maximum number of scouts is 3. When you ask for the scout reports, they present you their player one by one, and provide comments on each player. The scout may inform of a current or potential ability of certain skills. The skill(s) mentioned are among the top three skills for the player. For each presented player you have the choice either to accept him or to send him away hoping that one of the next scouts presents you a better player. Be careful, once you’ve rejected a player, there’s no possibility to take him back.

You’re not obliged to have 3 scouts. If you have less than 3 scouts your wage cost for your scouts will be lower, but the chance of finding real talent will also be reduced. The total cost for 3 scouts is similar to the cost of the old youth squad.

Scout's Number Scout's Costs
1 10 000 €
2 15 000 €
3 20 000 €

Furthermore, the youth team may only have 18 players, so make sure you have an open slot when calling an agent.


   Magnifier.png   Further information: Youth Training

Youth training is also an independent system and you can train more than one skill per week, but at a slower pace.

Number of league games needed for a skill-up with Playmaking primary training
Skill level Age in years and days
15 16 17 18
0 days 56 0 days 56 0 days 56 0 days 56
Disastrous to Wretched 4.21 4.49 4.79 5.12 5.47 5.84 6.23 6.65
up to Poor (3.0) 4.69 5.01 5.35 5.71 6.10 6.51 6.95 7.42
up to Weak (4.0) 5.13 5.47 5.84 6.24 6.66 7.11 7.59 8.11
up to Inadequate (5.0) 5.50 5.88 6.28 6.70 7.15 7.64 8.16 8.71
up to Passable (6.0) 5.83 6.23 6.65 7.10 7.58 8.09 8.64 9.22
up to Solid (7.0) 6.10 6.52 6.96 7.43 7.93 8.47 9.04 9.65
up to Excellent (8.0) 6.32 6.75 7.21 7.69 8.22 8.77 9.37 10.00
up to top youth level (8.1) 0.63 0.68 0.72 0.77 0.82 0.88 0.94 1.00

Because players must reach a minimum age of 17 and be in your youth squad for one season, the best training strategy is most likely to wait until the most gifted players, the ones that the training focuses on, are fully grown, even if this may mean training them beyond their 17th birthday. On the other hand, you won't have good players every week, so it's worth it to wait the last "pop".

Youth training is slower but also has advantages as you can train more than one skill per week. You can choose a primary and secondary training:

  • primary trainings will give a boost,
  • secondary training will give gets a smaller boost.

Note that if you set an identical training for both you will not train at full potential because a little part of the training will be lost.

You also have "Individual training" which trains each player randomly to a relevant skill, though the owner has no control over which skill gets chosen; a skill that is already capped may get picked, resulting in no training for that player).

Youth Coach

   Magnifier.png   Further information: Training Notes

Youth coach has no influence on training speed etc. He will only manage the type of training decided by the manager and report immediately after the match. The reports concern:

In Youth Academy, series are not locked to 8 and can range from 4 teams to 16. Here an example of series with 6.
  • skill(s) affected by primary trainings - you will receive reports about the actual level of one player,
  • skill(s) affected by secondary training - you will receive reports about the possible level of one player.

You cannot fire your current youth coach in order to hire a new one. It will still be replaced automatically from time to time.

Youth Leagues

You need to let your youth team play in a youth league. You will play a league match every week, and every three weeks have the opportunity to play a youth friendly as well.

You have the possibility to create these divisions yourself, and the amount of teams playing in a division will vary between 4 and 16. The largest leagues can only be created by Hattrick Supporters, but all users can join them. You can also choose the exact moment when league matches will be played, up to 5 minutes accuracy. You will play a league match every week, and every three weeks have the opportunity to play a youth friendly as well. A league can be made private, so only teams that are invited can join (you can play together with your friends).

When you join a league, your calendar will be filled with matches following a random schedule divide in two legs.

Clones and bug fixing

For a long time, youth players have been mass-produced by cloning. The "clones" were players with the same face, the same skills and the same character... just the hairstyle may vary a little.

This phenomenon was not intended, it was due to a bug. The bug was discovered and exploited very early by users who took advantage of helper applications database to quickly get a prediction of hidden skills based on similar clones already "pulled".

While for a long time the problem was known and discovered, the resolution of the bug happened with great delay many years later. The release from the clones occurred only performing a general debugging and updating of the YA, as reported in this announcement:

Hattrick announces
A youthful update 21/12/2016
As previously announced, here's a bunch of updates for all youth players and their loving, dedicated managers!
  • A new finances page, for both youth academy and scout networks. It summarises team income and costs, starting off with two season’s worth of data.
  • On the Players' page, players can now be sorted by who performed best in a certain position. For individual players, you can check the best achieved rating for every position they ever played in.
  • Youth academy training effects are now made public immediately after the match.
  • We now mention on the player profile when the player can be promoted. The player overview page can also be sorted by this status.
  • Stuck with a rubbish youth academy? Try the new “Restart” option! It allows you to replace all players in one go and start over immediately, rather than replacing players one by one. This can only be done once every three seasons.
  • On the World page, we added the option to search for the top youth players in HT, like we already have for senior players
  • If a youth league admin leaves or goes inactive, another league member can now claim the job

Some stuff has already been released, but not mentioned in a MyHT yet:

  • We fixed a bug which could cause player clones to be created.
  • You can no longer join a youth league if you have a friendly too close to the first league match. This prevents loss of training.
  • Youth team events now include when a player is recruited to the academy or promoted into the main squad.
  • Plus: Bug fixes to friendly pools and training reports.

Finally, some tweaks to youth prospects!

  • We removed the 17 years old prospects in the youth academies but kept the overall chance of scouting 15 year old players the same, thus making 16 years olds more common.
  • We removed 19 years old from the scout network and increased the probability of finding players that have recently had their birthday.

These changes are designed to make the scout network a reasonable alternative to the Youth Academies, even if the latter will still be best for the active manager.

Happy scouting!