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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes the game Hattrick often referred to as HT. For other uses of HT, see HT (disambiguation)

A hat-trick or hat trick is the achievement of scoring three times in a game, or, more generally, another achievement based on the number three.

Hattrick (with no hyphen or space between words), the name chosen for the game by Björn Holmér, is based on this slang term used in sports.


The total number of these events is reported in each player's stats as Hattricks, and can be found below Career goals.

The stat can be monitored and sometimes a new record is achieved.

"The Chubagol" was the hattrick's record man when he retired in 2012, even though he was overtaken by the phenomenal "Apache" in 2015. In recent years, the Albion son Elias made everyone eat his dust!

  • The list is updated update to 11/07/2020.
  • Players in italic will not do better in the future. They are retired or injured for ∞ weeks.

Top Hattrickers
Hattricks Player Age
193 England Raymond Elias 53 years and 35 days
163 Argentina Pedro "Apache" Zurita 77 years and 42 days
118 Ukraine Sergiy 'Chubagol' Chubenko 74 years and 95 days
78 Trinidad & Tobago Amar 'Nooruk' Atwal 67 years and 97 days
75 England Scott Convery 66 years and 34 days

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