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The Retirement from competitive sport activities is the inevitable destiny all professionals try in vain to avoid as they walk down the sunset boulevard.

Bye Bye
Sorry, there's no way we can put you together

Retired user

Picture of a Stygian Sea of lost virtual souls - old style
... and new face version

Team without owner

Main article: bot team
Glory days are long gone

Arena without owner

Nobody is in the house

Retired player

Club board decided to sack him in late night meeting
... and then sack them all

Retired coach

...Memories in black and white


The "Saving Private Ryan" Option

Main article: Hall of fame

Example of "devote yourself to gardening" players and coaches:

258409653 Sessa.png
296302421 Díaz.png
Egoitz rubio.png
Gardening 1.0 Gardening 2.0 From coach to couch

The "Hammo" Option

Main article: Hammo

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