Heramb More

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Personal Information
Full name Heramb More
Country  Suriname
Position Winger/Midfielder
Best Prestation Youth YouthStar5.pngYouthStar.pngYouthStar.pngYouthStarHalf.png
Best Prestation HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarGrey.pngHTStarGrey.pngHTStarGreyHalf.png
Club Information
Current club Suriname Rode Ster Paramaribo
Youth Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
64-65 Suriname Rode Sterretjes Paramaribo _23_(6)
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
65-65 Suriname Rode Ster Paramaribo _0_(0)
65-67 Kampuchea F.C. Alborella _19_(7)
67- Switzerland RB Guntershausen _8_(3)

Heramb More (Paramaribo, Paramaribo,  Suriname, Season 48) is a Surinamese youth football player who actualy plays for F.C. Alborella. He plays as a winger of midfielder.

Youth career

More was scouted in Paramaribo by Rode Ster Paramaribo youth scout Maikel Seedorf. He quickly showed potential on playmaking, crossing, and to a lesser extend defending. He is also a powerful player. Because of this, he was scouted by the Suriname U20, and was prepared for a possible place in this squad. After his promotion to the A-team, More was quickly transferred to F.C. Alborella, where he could continue his training.

Career at F.C. Alborella and RB Guntershausen

More was recruited by F.C. Alborella in Kampuchea for a transfer fee of almost 3,5 million euros, a record for his home team Rode Ster Paramaribo. In this team, he will train to become a future U20-player for Suriname. More immediately started as a first-team player in his new team. However, his new team trained him ineffectively, and when he got injured for a longer period, he was transferred to RB Guntershausen.

In the Swiss canton of Thurgau, at his new team RB Guntershausen, More started his recovery, hoping to play again.

Personal Life

Heramb More lives in Thurgau, Switzerland. He is Indo-Surinamese: his forefathers were Indian labourers brought to Suriname by the Dutch.