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[[Image:{{{image_flag}}}|125px|Flag of Thurgau]] Coat of Arms of Thurgau
Location of Thurgau
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Central Europe
Country:  Schweiz
Latitude: 47°34'N
Longitude: 9°6'E
RegionID: 920
Time zone: +0

Thurgau is a region in Schweiz. With over 4800 active managers (538 supporters) the "canton" located in the northeast of Switzerland represents a middle-sized community in HT-Switzerland.


The canton Thurgau has two official federations; Thurgauer (T.G.H) and Thurgauer Hattrick Federation (TGHF).

The Thurgauer federation was founded on the 23rd of December 2003 by manager Renard. It was the first officiall Thurgauer federation in this region. Most of the well-established teams of the Thurgau are member in the T.G.H.. For example Switzerland Cup winner (season 13) Jaindl.

The Thurgauer Hattrick Federation was founded on the 19th of June 2004 by manager ralphyboy. The TGHF with its approximately 100 members is the larger community of the two federations.

Even though both federations are in a fair competition, they are working hand in hand. Every season they organise a TG-Cup where all members can join in.

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