Heroes of 2014 Trophy

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Heroes of 2014 Trophy (3116067)
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The Heroes of 2014 Trophy is a huge international official tournament in which participants are the clubs who join the game in 2014.


Edition Nat. Champion
1 AC Whiskas
2 Alexander III of Macedon
3 Scotland Ben Nevis Rugby Club
4 Austria FC Unterach
5 Finland Heavy Horses
6 Chile ExPatriots
7 Estonia Tartu maffia
8 Montenegro The Dutch
9 Chile ExPatriots
10 Finland FC Houreentuoja
11 Belarus Polonka
12 Slovakia Tyler Durden's Crushers
13 Austria SV Semmelhausen
14 Ghana Tak určitě...
15 Nigeria 1.FC Buba Ba Team
16 Estonia FC nobe pilv