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Tournaments are an apart from leagues alternative competition system for clubs. They can be official tournaments or run by the managers themselves. In a tournament, every manager can use the regular squad as in an official game, bit players cannot get injured and cards do not affect your regular league or cup games.

With tournaments you can join official ladders and try to become the 'King of the Hill', or you can play in competitions managed by your own.

Own tournaments


You have to be a Gold or Platinum supporter to create a tournament. The creator decides size, name, etc and then invites managers to the tournament. Gold and Platinum Supporters can join in for free, and others can also join in through Hattrick Gears. When the tournament is full, it will start automatically and a forum for the tournament will be created as well.

If the tournament is not full 72 hours before the first match should start, the start day will be postponed one week to the following Monday.

Tournament matches are played once a week, on Mondays, and you can participate in one tournament at a time. If you are knocked out of a tournament, you are free to join another one.

Ladders tournaments

Main article: Ladders

You nerd supporter crediti to join this type of competitions. In a ladders tornament your goal is to reach the highest rung and become the "King of the Hill". And then stay there for as long as you can. To reach the top you challenge other teams listed above you in the ladder, and if you win you take their place in the ladder.

There are different type of ladders: Global, national, regional and others based on when you started playing Hattrick (so you can compare yourselves to other teams that started at the same time.)


Tournament matches have no effect on your team or your players after match. Players don't get any training or experience from these matches, nor do matches have any effect on formation experience, team spirit and so on.

Note that
- you can still play regular friendly matches every week even if you play in a tournament
- there are no effects after match


Matches are played on neutral grounds and they don't give you any income from spectators (and no new members to your fan club). All tournament matches use the same match data as regular matches. So your players' current form, skills, experience, injury status etc on the match day will be used. There are two exceptions though: team spirit (and confidence) is set to a fixed value and cards work differently.

See below for details:

  • Team spirit
Team spirit is set to a fixed level (content) in tournament matches.
  • Team confidence
Confidence is set to a fixed level (wonderful) in tournament matches.
  • Injuries
No injuries will occur in tournament matches, but any injured player in "normal" Hattrick will not be able to play.
  • Training
Players don't get any training from tournament matches.
  • Experience
Player don't gain any experience from playing tournament matches.
  • Formations
Your current formation experience in "normal" games is also used for tournament matches. However, you do not gain any formation experience from tournament matches.
  • Cards
in Own tournaments:
Tournaments have their own card status, and have a completely different system of red / yellow cards from 'normal' Hattrick. As such, any card received in a tournament match will only count for the matches that are part of that tournament. Equally, should a player be red carded in normal Hattrick, he will still be able to play in a tournament match.
in Ladders:
Cards don't count at all in ladder tournaments.

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