Heroes of 2016 Trophy

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Heroes of 2016 Trophy (3116070)
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The Heroes of 2016 Trophy is a huge international official tournament in which participants are the clubs who join the game in 2016.


Edition Nat. Champion
1 Lithuania F. C. ShitHappens
2 hUrDLeS F C
3 Italy BK_1981
4 Denmark schluters fc
5 Suriname ParamariboTigers
6 China soso
7 Vietnam Đông Lào
8 Hungary Alsómocsolád FC
9 Uganda IF United
10 Ghana Ghana Club Strasbourg
11 Oman JK Pehmo
12 Republic of Ireland The Tugboat Murphys
13 Romania Bucovina Humor
14 France Javené-FC
15 Bolivia Barakas Andinos
16 Kyrgyzstan HM PROJECT