Heroes of 2018 Trophy

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Heroes of 2018 Trophy (3195190)
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The Heroes of 2018 Trophy is a huge international official tournament in which participants are the clubs who join the game in 2018.


Edition Nat. Champion
1 Israel sc4e
2 Honduras Oscar en Honduras
3 Honduras Oscar en Honduras
4 Russia Peredelkino FC
5 France Gruffalo
6 Netherlands Menchesthair United
7 South Africa AnotherCupOfCoffee
8 Sri Lanka Tte. Colombo
9 Curaçao Blue FireSharks
10 Guam Guam Archons
11 Barbados Deep Water FC
12 Latvia Ficus 2018
13 Sri Lanka Tte. Colombo
14 Denmark Randers Fremad
15 Denmark Randers Fremad