High Park FC

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Hpfc logo.gif

Canadian Club

Managed by rdroze

Currently plays in III.15

Basic Info

Joined: 8/16/01
Region: Toronto
Stadium: High Park FC Arena
Club Colors: Red/Blue

Club History

Old School team from Season 1. First Canadian team to win the All Canadian Title in Season 2, along with Hillsdale Raiders and 6 bot teams. The arrival of Barrington Barons in the All Canadian in Season 3 doomed rdroze to a second-place spot for 4 consecutive seasons, until Season 7 where he was ultimately overthrown and suffered demotion. rdroze goes inactive as his ownerless team sinks down the divisional system. The second incarnation of High Park FC began in Season 11, when the team started rebuilding with a place in V.4.

High Park FC was famous for both its National Team Midfielders, Nigel Sullivan and Tony Sheppard who were simultaneously the core of the Club. They retired when the Club stopped its activities - remaining legends of the past.