IV.10 (USA)

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IV.10 is a series in the USA. It is perhaps best known for being the home of Barefoot United for 5 seasons who later became US Open Cup champions in season 34. It also was the home to Krushers, real new york, and Depor FC, all currently in Division III.

Current teams are: Everlasting FC, NufNufBusterMVP, Fohlen Elf Borussia, Buccabeavzers, kc hammers, Sleeping Dragons FC, Dodge United FC, and tally 11.

Alltid: V.29

Past Title Winners

Season Winner
38 Krushers
37 FC Parma
36 Philly Bluenose
35 Primetimers
34 Primetimers
33 California Golden Beers
32 BomWAnk MC's
31 Stimutacs
30 Buccabeavzers
29 Barefoot United
28 Joliet Prison
27 Galloping Sloths
26 Joliet Prison
25 Joliet Prison
24 Da Bombs
23 FC Westchester
22 NE Oklahoma Sidekicks
21 NE Oklahoma Sidekicks
20 NRH Bulls
19 Browns
18 Winthrop Ramblers
17 - JaGwarz -
16 Blaze Knight
15 Vampires
14 The Pirate Squad
13 Florida
11 Washington