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A Series consists of eight teams, which play against each other two times during one season.
Each series belongs to a specific league level, the division. The ultimate goal for a team is to climb all levels and become champion in top division.

Promotion and Relegation

Teams in a series face off according to a pre-set fixtures of 14 matches per team played every week. After 14 week, series is concluded and the promotion ranking, a list of all country's active teams, is created. When teams have the same number of points, the tiebraker is goal difference, next goals scored and eventually a draw.

The team which has gained the most points in a series is positioned first and can be promoted automatically or after playing a qualification match

Last two in list with the least points are directly relegated. Teams placed 5th and 6th have to play playoffs against winners of the division below. The teams from the higher division (5th and 6th placed) play at home.

Teams in 5th and 6th place will always play demotion qualifiers.
According to A Hattrick where every match matters, editorial announcing qualifiers for all divisions from then on.

Some examples

Higher division Direct/indirect Lower division
Best ranked no. 5 plays Worst ranked no. 1
2nd ranked no. 5 plays 2nd worst ranked no. 1
Worst ranked no. 5 plays No. 1
Best ranked no. 6 plays No. 1
Worst ranked no. 6 plays Best ranked no. 1 of the bottom half
Best ranked no. 7 replaced by Best ranked no. 1
Worst ranked no. 7 replaced by No. 1
Best ranked no. 8 replaced by No. 1
Worst ranked no. 8 replaced by Worst ranked no. 1 of the top half


  • In divisions below 6 the rule are slightly different, teams placed 1st and 2nd are directly promoted and teams placed 3rd and 4th play qualifier (check the division page for more details).
  • Top division works different for the fact that obviously one cannot be further promoted, but the champion is enrolled in national hall of fame.
  • Off-season bot teams removal, which takes place the Monday after the qualifiers, may create additional promotion slots. A number of "Lucky Losers" from the teams that lost qualification games is drawn to get promoted and it will not be possible to opt out of this draw.

Series lists by Country


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Andorra Category:Andorran Series
Belarus Category:Belarusian Series
Belgium Category:Belgian Series
Bosnia & Herzegovina Category:Bosna i Hercegovina Series
Bulgaria Category:Bulgarian Series
Czech Republic Category:Czech Series
Montenegro Category:Montenegrin Series
Wales Category:Welsh Series
Cyprus Category:Cypriot Series
Denmark Category:Danish Series
Germany Category:German Series
Estonia Category:Estonian Series
England Category:English Series
Spain Category:Spanish Series
France Category:French Series
Faroe Islands Category:Faroese Series
Greece Category:Greek Series
Croatia Category:Croatian Series
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Iceland Category:Icelandic Series
Italy Category:Italian Series
Latvia Category:Latvian Series
Luxembourg Category:Luxembourg Series
Liechtenstein Category:Liechtenstein Series
Lithuania Category:Lithuanian Series
Hungary Category:Hungarian Series
North Macedonia Category:Macedonian Series
Malta Category:Maltese Series
Moldova Category:Moldovan Series
Netherlands Category:Dutch Series
Norway Category:Norwegian Series
Northern Ireland Category:Northern Irish Series
Austria Category:Austrian Series
Poland Category:Polish Series
Portugal Category:Portuguese Series
Romania Category:Romanian Series
Russia Category:Russian Series
Switzerland Category:Swiss Series
Scotland Category:Scottish Series
Slovenia Category:Slovenian Series
Slovakia Category:Slovak Series
Serbia Category:Serbian Series
Finland Category:Finnish Series
Sweden Swedish Series
Ukraine Category:Ukrainian Series

North America

Barbados Category:Barbadian Series
Belize Category:Belizean Series
Canada Category:Canadian Series
Costa Rica Category:Costa Rican Series
Cuba Category:Cuban Series
Curaçao Category:Curaçaoan Series
Dominican Republic Category:Dominican Republic Series
El Salvador Category:Salvadoran Series
Guatemala  Category:Guatemalan Series
Honduras Category:Honduran Series
Jamaica Category:Jamaican Series
Mexico Category:Mexican Series
Nicaragua Category:Nicaraguan Series
Panama Category:Panamanian Series
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines Category:Vincentian Series
Trinidad & Tobago  Category:Trinidadian Series
USA Category:American Series

South America

Argentina Category:Argentinian Series
Bolivia Category:Bolivian Series
Brazil Category:Brazilian Series
Chile Category:Chilean Series
Colombia Category:Colombian Series
Ecuador Category:Ecuadorian Series
Paraguay Category:Paraguayan Series
Peru Category:Peruvian Series
Suriname Category:Surinamese Series
Uruguay Category:Uruguayan Series
Venezuela Category:Venezuelan Series


Algeria Category:Algerian Series
Angola Category:Angolan Series
Benin Category:Beninese Series
Botswana Category:Beninese Series
Cameroon Category:Cameroonian Series
Cape Verde Category:Cape Verdean Series
Comoros Category:Comoros Series
DR Congo Category:Congolese Series
Egypt Category:Egyptian Series
Ethiopia Category:Etiopian Series
Ghana Category:Ghanaian Series
Ivory Coast Category:Ivoirian Series
Kenya Category:Kenyan Series
Madagascar Category:Malagasy Series
Morocco Category:Moroccan Series
Mozambique Category:Mozambican Series
Nigeria Category:Nigerian Series
Sao Tome & Principe Category:Sao Tome & Principe Series
Senegal Category:Senegalese Series
South Africa Category:South African Series
Tanzania Category:Tanzanian Series
Tunisia Category:Tunisian Series
Uganda Category:Ugandan Series


Armenia Category:Armenian Series
Azerbaijan Category:Azeri Series
Bahrain Category:Bahraini Series
Bangladesh Category:Bangladeshi Series
Brunei Category:Bruneian Series
China Category:Chinese Series
Georgia Category:Georgian Series
Hong Kong Category:Hong Kong Series
India Category:Indian Series
Indonesia Category:Indonesian Series
Iran Category:Iranian Series
Iraq Category:Iraqi Series
Israel Category:Israeli Series
Japan Category:Japanese Series
Jordan Category:Jordanian Series
Kampuchea Category:Cambodian Series
Kazakhstan Category:Kazakhstani Series
Kuwait Category:Kuwaiti Series
Kyrgyzstan Category:Kyrgyzstani Series
Lebanon Category:Lebanese Series
Malaysia Category:Malaysian Series
Maldives Category:Maldivian Series
Mongolia Category:Mongolian Series
Oman Category:Omani Series
Pakistan Category:Pakistani Series
Palestine Category:Palestine Series
Philippines Category:Philippine Series
Qatar Category:Qatari Series
Saudi Arabia Category:Saudi Series
Singapore Category:Singapore Series
South Korea Category:South Korean Series
Sri Lanka Category:Sri Lankan Series
Syria Category:Syrian Series
Taiwan Category:Taiwanese Series
Thailand Category:Thai Series
Turkey Category:Turkish Series
United Arab Emirates Category:Emirati Series
Uzbekistan Category:Uzbekistani Series
Vietnam Category:Vietnamese Series
Yemen Category:Yemeni Series


Oceania Category:Oceanian Series
Guatemala Category:Guamanian Series