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A Series in Hattrick consists of eight teams, which play against each other two times each season, according to a pre-set schedule.
There are different league levels, or divisions, and, for each Hattrick country, a certain number of levels, depending on the number of users in that specific country.

Numbers of series[edit]

Each series belongs to a specific league level. Every country has a top series, then four division series and then sixteen more series under this. Bigger countries (more than 168 users) may have more leagues, according to the scheme in table below.

League level Number of series Teams in series Total users (max)
1 1 8 8
2 4 32 40
3 16 128 168

4 64 512 680
5 256 2 048 2 728
6 1024 8 192 10 920
7 1024 8 192 19 112
8 2048 16 384 35 496
9 2048 16 384 51 880
10 4096 32 768 84 648
11+ 4096 +32 768

Note that Sweden is the only Country where the second division is named I, third division is II and so on.

Every division further from the top is 4 times as big as the one above. From level 6 on, divisions are divided in odd and even: even divisions double in number, but odd divisions are the same than division above. In other words, from division 6 down, divisions wil alternating have the same and double size.

Promotion and Relegation[edit]

Teams in 5th and 6th place will always play demotion qualifiers. According to last changes, in the six highest divisions, promotions and relegations all go in the same way.
After the 14 series matches, the promotion ranking, a list of all champions in a division, is created, assigning spots for direct promotion: 2 for II division, 8 for III, 32 for IV, 128 for V, 512 for VI, replacing the 7th and 8th placed teams in the higher division. The team which has gained the most points in his league level is positioned first in this ranking, the champion with the least points is placed last in list. When teams have the same number of points, the tiebraker is goal difference, next goals scored and eventually a draw.

The other half of the champions don't promote directly and they play a qualification match against the numbers 5 and 6 of the division above. The champion which is ranked highest in the bottom half of the promotion ranking will play the number 6 with the least point. The lowest ranked champion will play the highest ranked number 5. The teams from the higher division (5th and 6th placed) play at home.

Out of 4 champions, one replaces a number 7 directly, one a number 8. Another champion will play a qualification match against a number 5 and one champion will play a number 6 in order to try to earn promotion.

Some examples
Higher division Direct/indirect Lower division
Best ranked no. 5 plays Worst ranked no. 1
2nd ranked no. 5 plays 2nd worst ranked no. 1
Worst ranked no. 5 plays No. 1
Best ranked no. 6 plays No. 1
Worst ranked no. 6 plays Best ranked no. 1 of the bottom half
Best ranked no. 7 replaced by Best ranked no. 1
Worst ranked no. 7 replaced by No. 1
Best ranked no. 8 replaced by No. 1
Worst ranked no. 8 replaced by Worst ranked no. 1 of the top half

In the lower divisions (League Level 6 and below), in addition to the direct promotion and demotion slots, qualifiers are played too. In detail:

In Level 7: Teams in 3rd and 4th place play promotion qualifiers against teams in 5th and 6th place in level 6.
In Level 8: The team in 2nd place play a promotion qualifier against the teams in 5th and 6th place in level 7.
Level 9 and odd -> Same rules as in Level 7.
Level 10 and even -> Same rules as in Level 8. And so on.

A number of "Lucky Losers" from the teams that lost qualification games is also drawn to get promoted. The Lucky Loser draw takes place the Monday after the qualifiers and it will not be possible to opt out of this draw.

Off-season Bot removal[edit]

Bot teams are removed at the end of the season, additional promotion slots may open up.

2008-07-15 (an edit of the announcement was made a while later exchanging the italic sentence for the bold one)
It´s Lonely at the Bottom
We have started distributing rookie teams into the league system in a new way. We hope to improve a few things with this change. One is to make sure teams in lower divisions are not left "alone", without human competition. Two, to make sure that new teams get a more balanced competition (not too hard, and not too easy). The main change will be that rather than filling series up completely, in numerical order, the Hattrick Football Association will start with series that have only one human-owned team. When these have at least four human-owned teams, series with two active teams will follow, and so on. Not packing human-owned teams too tighly will make promotion easier for new, active human owners. Before next season, we will make it impossible for bot teams to promote, instead giving these places to the best available human-owned teams. Later on we aim to reduce the possibility for bot teams to promote at the expense of human controlled teams

The rules, in order, for the distribution of teams is as follows :

  1. Series in the second lowest division with at least one team will get new users up to the amount of four teams starting with the ones with fewest active users.
  2. Series in the second lowest division without any teams will get new users up to the amount of four teams.
  3. Series in the lowest division with at least one team will get new users up to the amount of four teams starting with the ones with fewest active users.
  4. Series in the lowest division without any teams will get new users up to the amount of four teams.
  5. Series in the lowest division is filled up to full with every series first getting up to 5 teams, every series getting up to 6 teams etc.

Series by Nation[edit]


Category:Andorran Clubs
Category:Belarusian Clubs
 Belgium, Category:Belgian Clubs
 Bosna i Hercegovina,
Category:Bosna i Hercegovina Clubs
Category:Bulgarian Clubs
 Česká republika,
Category:Czech Clubs
 Crna Gora,
Category:Montenegrin Clubs
 Cymru, Category:Welsh Clubs
 Cyprus, Category:Cypriot Clubs
 Danmark, Category:Danish Clubs
Category:German Clubs
 Eesti, Category:Estonian Clubs
 England, Category:English Clubs
 España, Category:Spanish Clubs
 France, Category:French Clubs
 Føroyar, Category:Faroese Clubs
 Hellas, Category:Greek Clubs
 Hrvatska, Category:Croatian Clubs
 Ireland, Category:Irish Clubs
 Ísland, Category:Icelandic Clubs
 Italia, Category:Italian Clubs
 Latvija, Category:Latvian Clubs

Category:Luxembourg Clubs
Category:Liechtenstein Clubs
Category:Lithuanian Clubs
Category:Hungarian Clubs
 Severna Makedonija, Macedonian Clubs
 Malta, Category:Maltese Clubs
 Moldova, Category:Moldovan Clubs
 Nederland, Category:Dutch Clubs
 Norge, Category:Norwegian Clubs
 Northern Ireland,
Category:Northern Irish Clubs
 Österreich, Category:Austrian Clubs
 Polska, Category:Polish Clubs
 Portugal, Category:Portuguese Clubs
 România, Category:Romanian Clubs
 Rossiya, Category:Russian Clubs
 Schweiz, Category:Swiss Clubs
 Scotland, Category:Scottish Clubs
 Shqipëria, Category:Albanian Clubs
 Slovenija, Category:Slovenian Clubs
 Slovensko, Category:Slovak Clubs
 Srbija, Category:Serbian Clubs
 Suomi, Category:Finnish Clubs
 Sverige, Swedish Clubs


 Algérie, Category:Algerian Clubs
 Angola, Category:Angolan Clubs
 Bénin, Category:Beninese Clubs
 Cabo Verde,
Category:Cape Verdean Clubs
Category:Cameroonian Clubs
 Côte d'Ivoire,
Category:Ivoirian Clubs
Category:Ghanaian Clubs

 Misr, Category:Egyptian Clubs
 Kenya, Category:Kenyan Clubs
 Moçambique, Category:Mozambican Clubs
 Nigeria, Category:Nigerian Clubs
 Senegal, Category:Senegalese Clubs
 South Africa,
Category:South African Clubs
Category:Tanzanian Clubs
 Tounes, Category:Tunisian Clubs
 Uganda, Category:Ugandan Clubs


 Argentina, Category:Argentinian Clubs
 Barbados, Category:Barbadian Clubs
 Bolivia, Category:Bolivian Clubs
 Brasil, Category:Brazilian Clubs
 Canada, Category:Canadian Clubs
 Chile, Category:Chilean Clubs
 Colombia, Category:Colombian Clubs
 Costa Rica, Category:Costa Rican Clubs
 Cuba, Category:Cuban Clubs
 Ecuador, Category:Ecuadorian Clubs
 El Salvador, Category:Salvadoran Clubs
 Honduras, Category:Honduran Clubs
Category:Guatemalan Clubs
 Jamaica, Jamaican Clubs

 México, Category:Mexican Clubs
 Nicaragua, Category:Nicaraguan Clubs
 Panama, Category:Panamanian Clubs
 Paraguay, Category:Paraguayan Clubs
 Perú, Category:Peruvian Clubs
 Republica Dominicana,
Category:Dominican Republic Clubs
 Suriname, Suriname
 Trinidad & Tobago,
Category:Trinidad & Tobago Clubs
 Ukraina, Category:Ukrainian Clubs
 United Arab Emirates, Category:Emirati Clubs
 Uruguay, Category:Uruguayan Clubs
 USA, Category:American Clubs
 Venezuela, Category:Venezuelan Clubs


 Al Iraq, Category:Iraqi Clubs
 Al Kuwayt, Category:Kuwaiti Clubs
 Al Maghrib, Category:Moroccan Clubs
 Al Urdun, Category:Jordanian Clubs
 Al Yaman, Category:Yemeni Clubs
 Azərbaycan, Category:Azeri Clubs
 Bahrain, Category:Bahraini Clubs
 Bangladesh, Category:Bangladeshi Clubs
 Brunei, Category:Bruneian Clubs
 China, Category:Chinese Clubs
 Chinese Taipei, Category:Taiwanese Clubs
 Dawlat Qatar, Category:Qatari Clubs
 Dhivehi Raajje, Category:Maldivian Clubs
 Hanguk, Category:Hanguk Clubs
Category:Armenian Clubs
 Hong Kong,
Category:Hong Kong Clubs
Category:Indian Clubs
 Indonesia, Category:Indonesian Clubs
 Iran, Category:Iranian Clubs

 Israel, Category:Israeli Clubs
Category:Cambodian Clubs
 Kazakhstan, Category:Kazakhstani Clubs
 Kyrgyz Republic, Category:Kyrgyzstani Clubs
 Lubnan, Category:Lebanese Clubs
 Malaysia, Malaysian Clubs
 Mongol Uls, Category:Mongolian Clubs
 Nippon, Category:Japanese Clubs
 O'zbekiston, Category:Uzbekistani Clubs
 Oman, Category:Omani Clubs
 Pakistan, Pakistani Clubs
 Palestine, Palestine Clubs
 Pilipinas, Category:Philippine Clubs
 Prathet Thai, Category:Thai Clubs
 Sakartvelo, Category:Georgian Clubs
 Saudi Arabia, Category:Saudi Clubs
 Singapore, Category:Singapore Clubs
 Suriyah, Category:Syrian Clubs
 Türkiye, Category:Turkish Clubs
 Việt Nam, Category:Vietnamese Clubs


 Oceania, Category:Oceanian Clubs

Level restructuring[edit]

The league structure was changed in order to have less divisions, and to solve the bot problem found in many of the larger countries, notably Spain. Before season 28 (April 2006), it looked like this:

Old League level Number of series
1 1
2 4
3 16
4 64
5 256
6 1024
7+ +1024

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