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Flag of Iaşi_County
Location of Iaşi_County
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Eastern Europe
Country:  România
Latitude: 47°10' N
Longitude: 27°34' E
Number of teams: 1540
Time zone: +1


Iaşi (engl. Jassy) is one of the most popular Hattrick regions in Romania. In Hattrick, this region has the ID 796. Iaşi is the 3rd biggest region with 5.6% of the total number of Romanian Hattrick managers, while it only has 3.76% of Romania's total population. Being formed mostly out of students, the user community in Iasi is very strong, and meetings for real football matches (and some beer afterwards) take place very often. There the managers analyse lots of advanced tactics, so they can win every single medal in Hattrick. However, in order to keep those tactics secret, Iasi Squad was born. This is a very hush-hush, world domination-orientated organisation, that inspires fear and panic in the hearts of managers from other regions, especially those from Bucureşti and Prahova. Some even say that Iasi Squad is borderline evil, and no one has proven them wrong yet.

For those that lack sense of humor, Iasi Squad is just a joke.

Hall of Fame

Some very powerful Romanian Hattrick teams are located in this region.

Poli Unirea Iasi (34272) won Divizia A twice in a row in Romanian seasons 12 and 13. For such achivements, girls take big pride for dating Dynamix, the manager.

Ante Carmina Burana (36649) was a Romanian Cup finalist in romanian season 14 while Red Beasts (36523) made it up to the quarterfinals of Romanian Cup in Romanian season 12.

Under the lead of two managers from Iaşi, Romania won two medals. Emerik with Bronze in U-20 World Cup 18.06.2004, and -tva- with Gold in U-20 World Cup 30.01.2005 are two of the most popular managers from this region.

Best Teams of Iaşi

  • Poli Unirea Iasi (34272) - Divizia A
  • Red Beasts (36523) - (II.4)
  • RedBridge Wanderers (34645) - (II.4)
  • Carpis (35514) - (III.11)
  • Kamikadze Cuckoos (34855) - (III.2)
  • Asand (36051) - (III.8)
  • danka (35043) - (III.13)
  • Real Metalurgie (179009) - (III.9)
  • MILAN A.C. (34414) - (III.11)
  • Safety (34674) - (III.12)
  • Ante Carmina Burana (36649) - (III.9)
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