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A Map of the zones in Hattrick

The zones creation has been identified as solution to drastically reduce the time spent searching on the transfer market. The target of the Hattrick Team was to ease the research on transfer list and to make the game enjoyable for everybody, even for users who plays only a few minutes a week.

Zones are introduced

Zones were created mainly to ease the search on the transfer market. As more and more countries joined Hattrick, buying a player would mean that you had to search for a player country by country on the transfer list. In addition, users with more time take a great advantage and easily practise daytrading.

The 8 zones follow historical evolution of the game:
  1. Northern Europe (Sweden's zone)
  2. Western Europe (first expansion)
  3. Latin Europe (most successful area)
  4. Central Europe
  5. South America (completed between 2003 and 2005)
  6. Eastern Europe (last-born in Europe)
  7. North America
  8. Asia, Africa and Oceania (scarcely populated at the time)

Zones out of fashion

On November 2008, with the release of a new search engine for the transfer list which made it possible to search for players without looking in a specific area, the importance of zones diminished tremendously. They remained for a few more years, although practically unused. Following the discontinuation of the transfer service, zones have persisted for a long time in the game just as a geographic notation.

Hattrick announces
New transfer search 03/11/2008
Are you tired of searching for players in 8 different transfer zones? Ever dreamed about searching the whole transfer list in one go? We think so, and that's exactly what you will do with our new transfer search! You will also get more information about each player on the search result page, and searched skills will be highlighted.

As you're now able to search the whole transfer list (which contains an incredible amount of players), you have to specify age range and skill level range for the primary skill. This is needed to limit the server load and keep our servers in a good mood. For the same reasons the age ranges are a lot tighter at younger ages (since most players on the transfer are young, especially 17-18 years old). But remember, the more you specify your search - the less time you have to spend on manually browsing the results!

Convergence on continents

Zones are back "in vogue" again in 2021, after the launch of the continental competitions for National teams, although revised and corrected in their form: Africa has obtained enough users and countries to be separated into an area on its own, while Europe, previously important enough to occupy five different areas, have to be compacted in a single one.

As a result, the new 5 zones are:

The convergence between zones and continents is not exact in all cases.

  • North and Central America united with South America form the American continent, disputing a single regional competition.
  • Eurasia has a different division from FIFA: transcontinental Turkey plays European competition, but Israel and the Caucasian countries are (regularly) part of Asia.
  • Asia and Oceania are 2 distinct continents, but the play in the same regional competition. In any case, Guam is placed in Asia in the game, but it's part of Oceania in the real world.