Ivanquel FBC

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Ivanquel FBC (27372)
HT-User: Ivanquel
Country: Venezuela
Region: Miranda
Prize shelf: Division III.PNG Division II.PNG Division III.PNG Division II.PNG
Arena: Arenque's Arena
Fan club: La penya de marcha

Ivanquel FBC is the team in Venezuela with the most achievement points and it is also on the world top 10 list of achievers in Hattrick. This team was the 3rd in all of hattrick to get more than 600 achievement points. It happened on the11th of May 2008 when he got 20 extra points for a TSI higher than 1200000 bringing him to 611 points and a 3rd place in the global ranking after Kawasaki Tigers with 749 points and Tineretul Rebel with 659 points.

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