Jacarehy Athletic Club

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Jacarehy (1642483)
Simbolo JAC.png
Managed by Brazil Augusto Cori
Club information
Full name Jacarehy Athletic Club
Nickname JAC
LocationSão Paulo Brasil
ArenaArena Jacarehy (1639045)
CoachNetherlands Hilbert Wanningen
Fan ClubFiel Caipiras
FoundedJune 5th, 2009
Uniformes temp 37.png

Jacarehy is a team from Brazil founded by Augustocori in June 5th, 2009.


The club was founded in 2009 by Augusto Cori. He chose the name of the club based on the team name of their city the "Jacareí Athletic Club" and also the ancient name of your city, Jacarehy as it was called in the nineteenth century, giving the name of Jacareí Athletic Club.

He started playing in the eighth division in the first season already ascended to the seventh division of the Brazilian championship. Currently dispute the Division 5 for the first season.

In 31th season, Augusto Cori becomes HT-Supporters and develops the symbol and the uniforms of the team.

Currently playing the 6th division of the Brazilian league in VI.866 group.


Taça 6div.png Champions VI.372 in 35th season

Taça 7div.png Champions VII.528 in 30th season

Taça 8div.png Champions VIII.940 in 27th season


Your manager is Augusto Cori, he`s HT suporter since October 2010.

He met the Hattrick in publicity on the internet and soon became a fan.

Augusto Cori is a Brazilian who lives in São Paulo state, in the municipality of Jacareí.


Here are the jerseys of the previous seasons Jacarehy Athletic Club

Current squad

No. Position Player
1 Spain GK David Clemente
2 Spain DF Javier Alberto Cafranga
3 England DF Teddy Kanith
4 Serbia DF Lucian Morariu
5 Sweden MF Johan Läflius
6 Hungary DF Gergő Darabos
7 Italy MF Gian Carlo Mula
9 Argentina FW Carlos Fernando Gandolfi
10 Brazil FW Antônio Maravilha
11 Slovenia MF Dule Potisk
12 Brazil GK Nando Balbi
13 Belgium DF Amaël Lamarche
14 Greece MF Sotiris Andritsos
15 Argentina DF Diego Vega Cárdenas
No. Position Player
18 Brazil MF Dante França Cruz
20 Belgium MF Théodore Lefèvre
21 Hungary MF András Orosz
23 Brazil DF Raimundo Petúnia
24 Italy GK Giuseppe Cecchini
25 Brazil MF Capitão Fonseka
28 Brazil FW Gustavo Mouzinho
30 England FW Curtis Howe
31 Slovakia MF Ervin Antall
32 Brazil FW Quirino Stefanin
43 Brazil DF Téo de Menezes
44 Portugal DF Artur Gil Filipe
80 Netherlands MF Humbert Ketting

Notable players

Spain Marco Vilamaior (September 2009 - March 2011) In Hall of Fame[1]

Romania Ion Olaru (January 2010 - March 2011) In Hall of Fame[2]

Poland Wiktorian Kulinicz (June 2009 - September 2010) In Active - MF [3]

Belgium Jacques De Clerck (June 2009 - November 2010) Retired [4]

Poland Ernest Loręcki (December 2009 - February 2011) Retired [5]

France Rémi Olivier (November 2009 - March 2011) In Active - FW [6]

Chile Martino Barrientos (September 2009 - October 2011) In Hall of Fame[7]