Jean-Claude Kuamba

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Jean-Claude Kuamba (339333252)
Jean-Claude Kuamba.jpg
Personal Information
Full name Jean-Claude Kuamba
Age55 years and 40 days
Country  Belgium
PositionCentral midfielder
Youth Career
Youth teamBelgium Lokomotiv Veltem Youth Club
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
47 - 59Belgium Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track148(34)
59Romania FC Sara()
59France stlaurent()
59 - 60Spain El Resurgir F.C()
60Italy Torinoégranata()
60 - 63Belgium Hearts of Okarian()
63 - 64Italy Akragas()
64 - 69Austria Gusif United()

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Jean-Claude Kuamba is a retired Belgian football player, who last played for Gusif United in Austria as an inner midfielder.

Kuamba originates from Lokomotiv Veltem Youth Club, where he was discovered and trained before being released into the first team in season 47. At Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track he became a fan favorite as he stayed for nearly 13 seasons before leaving for FC Sara. Since then, he has struggled to find a stable team, transferring frequently between teams.