Jesus McAwesome

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Jesus_McAwesome (often shortened to JMA or JMcA) is the moniker of the Somewhat Northwest American Football Union's joke candidate for the position of USA U-20 Coach.

U-20 Election VIII[edit]

Jesus_McAwesome was a candidate in the 8th U-20 election and finished fourth overall with 67 votes. The first campaign was run by pcampbell, owner of Left-Wing Penguins FC and frequenter of the SNAFU conference.

Origin of the name[edit]

The name Jesus_McAwesome originated in the conferences for the Somewhat Northwest American Football Union in a post by Catalyst. Joshito is also credited in helping with the creation of the name by starting the federation thread. The name was chosen specifically for a U-20 candidate, since the federation sought to use their membership to launch a candidate to the top 10 list, if only for one day. Paul Campbell, one of the more active members of the conference at the time, jumped at the chance and changed his name to Jesus_McAwesome. The name itself does not have any significance beyond the obvious, i.e. it is simply a humorous name by nature but does not have an underlying meaning. Some have stated that the "Mc" should stand for McDonalds, but this meaning was not the intent of Catalyst when the name was created.

The Campaign[edit]

After the name was formed, more ideas began to generate in the forums. By suggestion, Campbell changed his logo to Buddy Christ and started an election thread in which he would only answer questions using passages from the bible. The campaign, though not serious by any stretch, drew serious support from users who saw that Jesus_McAwesome was a Div II user and probably fairly qualified for the job. The Jesus_McAwesome camp also featured a campaign rap:

While you're out poppin' caps in some team's ass
There's a guy in here with so much class
He's brave, he's loyal,
He's qualified, he's royal,
He's Jesus_McAwesome and he'll be
The next U-20 Coach, no doubt from me
So vote for a winner,
Instead of a sinner,
Vote Jesus_McAwesome... the fate of humanity depends on it.

Jesus_McAwesome finished with in 4th place and just 5 votes away from 2nd place.

U-20 Election IX[edit]

The name of Jesus_McAwesome returned for a second campaign two seasons later, in the ninth USA U-20 election. This time the campaign was run by Catalyst, manager of Bremerton Bombers, with support from Somewhat Northwest American Football Union.