Julio Vagi

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Julio Vagi

Uruguay Julio Vagi is a Uruguayan player from ÆSIR F.C.. He was born in Paysandú on 20th March 2003. He has played for his team since its foundation in 2009-08-13.

Achievements and statistics

Age Seasons Specialty Position Goals Hattricks Personal Achievements Team Achievements Other Memorable Moments
38 19 Technical Forward 151 13 Top Scorer V.17(Uruguay) Season 34Top Scorer IV.24(Uruguay) Season 35 Top Scorer IV.24(Uruguay) Season 36 Top Scorer IV.24(Uruguay) Season 37 Series Champions VI.834(Uruguay) Season 28 Series Champions VI.966(Uruguay) Season 32 Series Champions V.17(Uruguay) Season 34
Series Champions IV.24(Uruguay) Season 35 Series Champions IV.24(Uruguay) Season 36 Series Champions IV.24(Uruguay) Season 37 Series Champions IV.53(Uruguay) Season 41
  • All time best scorer
  • Most Hattricks for ÆSIR F.C.
  • Fastest Hattrick: 11'
  • Fastest goal in an official game: 2'
  • Most Goals in an official game: 5 (2X)
  • 400th official goal of ÆSIR F.C.