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Spec1Technic.png Technical
Spec2Quick.png Quick
Spec3Power.png Powerful
Spec5Head.png Head
Spec4Unpred.png Unpredictable
Spec6Regainer.png Resilient
Spec7support.png Support

All players with the technical specialty have a chance to lose skill in rain and at the same time perform better in the sun.

These players can feature in special events during a match

Special events

Weather events
  • Sunshine: gains 5% on all skills during the whole match.
  • Rain: loses 5% on all skills during the whole match.ring the whole match.
Goal events
  • Technical creates a Counter Attack
Every Technical Defender and Wing Back will give you a non-tactical counter attack from a missed normal chance of your opponent with a small chance to trigger (from 1.7 to 3% based on how many technical back players you have).
  • Technical Goes around a Head
Defenders = Technical Forwards and Wingers are dangerous for Head Defenders,
Midfielders = Technical Forwards are dangerous for Head Midfielders,
Winger = technical winger may create an event when facing a head defender,
Forwards = Head Defenders are weak against Technical forwards.


During man marking, if your target is a technical player, then there might be a chance to have a bigger effect than any other player.

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