Juvenile Juventus

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Juvenile Juventus (1907107)
Official logo for Juvenile Juventus
Region Khorasan-e Razavi
Country  Iran
Geografic area Asia, Africa and Oceania
Continent Asia
Foundation 11.08.2008
Stadium Juventus Stadium: (80 000 seats)
Fan club Die Hard Juventinis (3 659 members)
League League Bartar
President Iran Luciano--Moggi


Coach Germany Uwe Linzen


Prize shelf
Series Champions League Bartar(Iran) Season 29Series Champions II.3(Iran) Season 27Series Champions III.10(Iran) Season 22Series Champions IV.23(Iran) Season 21Series Champions V.59(Iran) Season 16
Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: Juvenile Juventus II
Youth arena: Juventus Youth Center

Juvenile Juventus is Iranian football club from Khorasan-e Razavi.

The Team

Foundation History

Juvenile Juventus was founded on October 11th, 2008.


Juventus Stadium is the arena of Juvenile Juventus. It has a total capacity of 80 000.

  • Total capacity: 80 000
  • Terraces: 47 506
  • Basic seating: 19 030
  • Seats under roof: 11 598
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 866

Team Photo

Juvenile Juventus photo.png

Owner's Ideology

The owner of Juvenile Juventus, Luciano--Moggi, tends to build an optimized and progressive team that albeit competing in the highest level, can maintain sustainability and improve gradually.

Club History

Season League Persian Gulf Cup Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
15(36) 3rd in V.59 none none unknown -
16(37) 1st in V.59 4th round Division V.PNG Stephan Dieckhoff, Waldemar Gralak 8
17(38) 2nd in IV.23 5th round none Roger Châtel 6
18(39) 3rd in IV.23 6th round none Alfredo Vielma 10
19(40) 2nd in IV.23 4th round Goldenboot IV.gif Ezequiel Ortiz 18
20(41) 2nd in IV.23 8th round Goldenboot IV.gif Ezequiel Ortiz 11
21(42) 1st in IV.23 8th round Division IV.PNG Bruno De Mevo 18
22(43) 1st in III.10 7th round Division III.PNGGoldenboot III.gif Bruno De Mevo 14
23(44) 6th in II.3 7th round none Mikko Gunnari 5
24(45) 3rd in II.3 9th round none Mahmad Al-Khaleel 6
25(46) 4th in II.3 10th round none Mikko Gunnari 6
26(47) 2nd in II.3 9th round none Zé Benedito Borrachudo 12
27(48) 1st in II.3 11th round Division II.PNG Cristiano Deiana 10
28(49) 3rd in League Bartar 7th round none Zombor Büki 8
29(50) 1st in League Bartar 8th round Division I.PNG Tomás Gastón Criado 6

Youth Team

Juvenile Juventus is "famous" for its youth club productivity and effectiveness. It is claimed that just over the course of 6-7 HT seasons, the prospects of this prosperous "talent-maker machine" were sold for a total figure of $7.5 million. Those soon-to-be-U20-internationals are currently undergoing intensive training sessions to be the future heroes of their country.