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Asia, Africa and Oceania in Hattrick's world are joined together in one zone for transfer market reasons. This zone contains all the countries located in the 3 continents of:

  • Asia (a page on its own),
  • Africa (a page on its own),
  • Oceania (see below).

Oceania (Continent)

Whilst Asia and Africa are continents in Hattrick, Oceania is both a continent and a league that represents a few countries, including Australia, New Zealand and many of the Pacific Islands.

Continent of Oceania contains:

Countries in League Oceania

As Hattrick grew, there have been numerous calls for the Oceania league to be split into its various member countries. There have even been referenda on the issue, none of them successful. The people of Oceania believe they have a unique community which would be destroyed if the leagues were separated.

Someone could imagine the HT-Gods have gone on record to say that Oceania will not be split, but actually other Oceanian countries are not elegible due to one or several reasons:

Countries of Oceanian league
  1. Some countries are already regions of Oceania:
  2. Some countries are not members of FIFA:
    • Federated States of Micronesia
    • Kiribati
    • Marshall Islands
    • Nauru
    • Palau
  3. Some territories are dependent of a metropole or already in Hattrick via their metropole and not a member of FIFA:
    • Christmas Island (Australia)
    • Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia)
    • Norfolk Island (Australia)
    • Northern Mariana Islands (USA)
    • French Polynesia as a part of Outre-mer (France)
    • Niue (New Zealand)
    • Pitcairn Islands (UK)
    • Tokelau (New Zealand)
    • Tuvalu (UK)
    • Wallis and Futuna as a part of Outre-mer (France)

Asia and Oceania
Near East Asia:

Armenia (Hayastan) · Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan) · Bahrain (Bahrain) · Georgia (Sakartvelo) · Jordan (Al Urdun) · Iraq (Al Iraq) · Iran (Iran) · Israel (Israel) · Kuwait (Al Kuwayt) · Lebanon (Lubnan) · Oman (Oman) · Pakistan (Pakistan) · Palestine (Palestine) · Qatar (Dawlat Qatar) · Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia) · Syria (Suriyah) · United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) · Yemen (Al Yaman)

Middle East Asia:

Bangladesh (Bangladesh) · India (India) · Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan) · Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic) · Maldives (Dhivehi Raajje) · Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka) · Uzbekistan (O'zbekiston)

Far East Asia:

Brunei (Brunei) · Burma (Myanmar) · China (China) · Hong Kong (Hong Kong) · Indonesia (Indonesia) · Kampuchea (Kampuchea) · Japan (Nippon) · South Korea (Hanguk) · Malaysia (Malaysia) · Mongolia (Mongol Uls) · Philippines (Pilipinas) · Singapore (Singapore) · Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) · Thailand (Prathet Thai) · Vietnam (Việt Nam)


Guam (Guam) · Oceania (Oceania)

(see also Asia, Africa and Oceania zone)

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