Kawasaki Tigers support

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Kawasaki Tigers support (54388)
Kawasaki Tigers support
Chief Officer MD-JakobTrier
Founding date 30-12-2006
Members 1045 (on 2007-10-12)
Languages Any Language

Kawasaki Tigers support (KTS) (AllianceID: 54388 ) - a federation in Hattrick with the purpose of supporting Kawasaki Tigers. So far the main focus point of the federation has been to gain enough members to allow the founder, MD-JakobTrier, to stay the manager in Hattrick with the most Achievement points in the game.


Anyone interested in supporting Kawasaki Tigers is invited to join.


  • Kawasaki Tigers support Cup (KTS Cup)

A Cup named Kawasaki Tigers support Cup is planned to be held each season where the members get to play for nice prizes. The First season Edition included two Kawasaki Tigers support Cups under the management of CADOLUX, the first one, a 16 teams Knockout Cup Tournament over 4 weeks held in October 2007, and the second one, a swiss system 3 week tournament with no limit of teams.

The Second Edition of this cup under managment of CADOLUX and Samublue, and with the help of nedihno and aYcon, has been played between December 2007 and February 2008. The cup system chosen in this occasion was a 64 teams Knockout Cup Tournament and had been played over 6 weeks.

  • Lottery

After member no. 500 entered the federation all teams got a lottery ticket and new teams can get one by asking for it in the Lottery ticket. Each week when the founder organizes a friendly the last 3 digits in the matchID of the friendly is at the same time the lottery ticket thread number draw who wins 3 months of supporter or a nice friendly.


The Kawasaki Tigers support federation became the 5th federation after Achievement points was introduced in November 2006 to reach 500 members which happened on the 30th of September 2007.

At 11:19 HT time on the 12th of October, sysio, manager of MSTP Leszcze (1045464), joined the federation as member no. 1000, making this Federation the first one (and only one) to reach 1000 members in Hattrick History.

KTS Cup History[edit]

The "KTS Cup" or "Kawasaki Tigers Support Cup" is the official cup of the Kawasaki Tigers Support Federation.

  • First Edition

The 1st Edition included 2 KTS Cup. The first one, a 16 teams Knockout Cup Tournament over 4 weeks held in October 2007 wasn't enough to make happy all the members who wanted to join, so another cup in a swiss format with no limit of members was created.

The winners of KTS Cup 1st Edition:

1st place: duze małe misie from Poland.

2nd Place: Borup from Sweden.

3rd Place: AC-Milan-United from Switzerland.

The winners of KTS Cup 2:

1st place: FC Klatten from Denmark

Challenge Winner: FC Warbozz from Denmark.

The Challenge was to score the first hattrick in the third and last game of the cup.

  • Second Edition

The 2nd Edition was a 64 teams Knockout Cup Tournament over 6 weeks held between December 2007 and February 2008.

The winners of KTS Cup 2nd Edition:

1st place: Borgs Utd from Czech Republic.

2nd Place: Trek Stars from Austria.

3rd Place: Blackhawks United from Denmark.

Development in number of members[edit]

Qulacca has collected a lot of data allowing to make this graph showing the development of members in the federation from it was founded till it reached 1000 members.


There has been 4 waves of people joining.

  • First (mid February 2007) came when all supporters of Kawasaki Tigers was invited to join the newly created federation.
  • Second (start September 2007) came when Kawasaki Tigers manager, MD-JakobTrier, started guestbook surfing in an effort to get in contact with more managers and over time talk them into joining.
  • Third (mid September 2007)was when the federation was announced in the Global and Danish national conference.
  • Forth (end September/start October 2007) and most astonishing wave was a combination of many efforts such as newsletters send out in other big federation, posts in big federations with request for people to join and finally the big hit inspired by Nippon manager Kes2005 who for a long time has asked people who challenge him in friendly to bookmark him and try again later in order to raise his name in the ranking of most bookmarked users. What was done to promote this federation was that personalized messages was put in peoples guestbooks whenever they issues a challenge for a friendly. Mainly Kawasaki Tigers manager, MD-JakobTrier, did so, but also Samublue, fellow Nippon manager, made use of the same technique to attract people to join the federation. MD-JakobTrier gets more than 1000 challenges each week out of them roughly 75% are HT-supporters and roughly 50% of them have a free slot and most of the people asked if they wanted to join opted to join seeing the federation having hundreds of new users each week for the 3 weeks in September/October 2007 MD-JakobTrier and Samublue spend MANY hours contacting HT managers this way.