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LA-Per, not to be confused with HT-Per, is the owner of the Belgian 4th division team Duffel.


The nickname 'Per' is connected to an anecdote: Jasper (which is Per's real name) was travelling to Scotland with his parents, and he forgot to take his jacket, which is a stupid thing to do when you go to a place where the only thing you see is rain. Now 'jacket' in Dutch happens to be 'Jas', the first half of Jasper's name. Since he didn't have his jacket with him, his parents decided to drop the 'Jas' and call their son 'Per' without a jacket, or without Jas. :)


The Duffel team is very well-known in Belgium for its unique set of trophies: dePer has succeeded to not get settled in 5th division for a very long time (having started his career in 6th), causing him to take 5 championship medals in 6th division, uninterrupted by medals with another colour. After these 5 titles, Duffel finally got its feet on solid ground in 5th division, won the championship after a couple of seasons and is now having a hard try in 4th, where the coach and players are struggling to maintain their place.


After several seasons without any long-term training scheme, the manager finally decided to go for scoring training. This was done in a very profitable way and made the team flourish. However, dePer decided to make the big step to set pieces training. The team did a horrible job on that front and long-term plans were once again nowhere to be seen. Due to this failure, it was quickly decided that the team should move on to winger training. However, Per's interest for the game dropped and so did the training quality. But in the last couple of months (say starting in the end of 2007), things got better. Let's hope for a better future!


Per is a member of 3 federations:


Per was the organizer of the PTTP Nick Mix, a co-operation with some other PTTP members who switched their nicknames without anyone else knowing about it, making fun of others on conferences and the Belgian IRC channel. He is also the organiser of two Mafia games in PTTP, and dnbrt's advisor for Mafia in FEG. In FEG, he has been proud of his work as a member of the opposition for three consecutive seasons, but now he has moved to the other side and has taken an office. In the past, he's taking on the impossible mission to increase FEG's IQ, by feeding the members their daily did-you-knows and organizing a chess tournament.


Early 2008, Per became a Language Administrator. Together with LA-Crionn, he is responsible for the translation of Hattrick into Flemish/Vlaams.