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The correct title of this page is dnbrt. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.
KFC Tielen (191438)
KFC Tielen
Managed by dnbrt
Club information
LocationAntwerpen Belgium
ArenaKFC Tielen Arena
Fan ClubEgmont de duif en zijn luchtbombardementen

dnbrt is a Belgian manager and owner of the team KFC Tielen. His nickname is written without a capital letter since he is allergic to them. His real name is Bert, and the 5 letters in his nickname stand for 'den bert', but without vowels. As a child, dnbrt was once attacked by a horde of wild vowels, and since then he has developed a panic fear for vowels in his nicknames.

What do we know about dnbrt? Not a lot, because dnbrt is very aware of his privacy. But trough extensive research we know that dnbrt is actually a super hot chick and an island monkey we like to laugh with!

everyone is free to edit this page and add things, but is kindly asked not to delete anything.


  • dnbrt is the Eldest Proud Member of Power To The People (PTTP) since 23-12-2003. He has been fedchecker in the early days and he has also organised the pttp prono for one season, and for a second season together with the infamous Limburg manager Reesing. He has tried many times to become PTTP's de grootste komiek organised by the infamous manager Yoogie, but has never succeeded.
  • dnbrt was the band you're with starts playing different tunes in the Pink Floyd Federation (PFF) since 13-04-2005.
  • dnbrt is MINISTER-PRESIDENT in The Federation of Extraordinary Gentlemen (FEG) since 22-05-2005. He has been minister of foreign affairs for one season, and he has also been leader of the opposition. His slaves (members) of the opposition were prithender, Narcotica and GM-Rokavo.

Update by Narcotica: dnbrt is just volk right now while his 'slave' Narcotica is the minister-president of this big and great federation. Eat my shirt dnbrt, moehahahaha.
Update by Grungir: dnbrt is indeed no longer oppositieleider, but just volk. Narcotica however is also no longer minister-president but just as low as dnbrt, volk thus.

Update by Dnbrt: dnbrt is now the Minister-President of FEG. This means he is the boss of Narcotica and even more of Grungir, who is minister of foreign affairs.

Update by nonkelvladimir: As we speak (14/01/2009) dnbrt fullfills the honorary task of 'minister of silliness' and he does so with paint. His MP nonkelvladimir is very proud of him

  • dnbrt is using his 5th federation slot to check out some other federations.


dnbrt has been doing some very silly actions all his time as hattrick manager. This list includes:

  • Trying to spam GM-CableGuy's guestbook
  • Trying to make some users believe that ghost topics exist (They do!)
  • Trying to get elected as National Coach of Belgium (200 votes)
  • Making silly press announcements
  • Making silly logo's with MS Paint
  • Makes other users believe that they transferlisted a player.

Actions in Enemy Terrytory :

  • teamkilling his teammembers
  • killed 5 members of his own team with a nade. ( its deadly )
  • talks more than something else
  • Trying to be as good as his idol Sprayzor

National Coach

dnbrt was 3 times a candidate for U20 or NT coach of Belgium. These are the 3 result lists:

First time: Elections U-20-coach België 11-12-2006 om 07:00

1. Brujas 1280 stemmen

2. Ghismo89 369 stemmen

3. LD-Maauwke 348 stemmen

4. Stienes-LMBF 117 stemmen

5. optimax 108 stemmen

6. BC23-FORFAIT 90 stemmen

7. dnbrt 86 stemmen

8. yaronneke 77 stemmen

9. Yoogie 39 stemmen

10. Zakelijk 37 stemmen

Second time:

1. MOD-optimax 1489 stemmen

2. HT-Sarah 284 stemmen

3. GM-jochie 257 stemmen

4. OBF-emielzatopek 202 stemmen

5. dnbrt 200 stemmen

6. ebbeke 87 stemmen

7. Sasss 85 stemmen (Afgewezen)

8. echec-et-mat 79 stemmen

9. mikamic 45 stemmen

10. Speedy7 40 stemmen (Afgewezen)

11. BC23-Mr_CeeKay 27 stemmen

12. Xanderdeli 18 stemmen (Afgewezen)

13. Ref-Alen 18 stemmen

14. Ajoin-Sonata 15 stemmen

Third (and last) time:

Verkiezingen voor Bondscoach België

De verkiezing is op 10-03-2008 om 07:00 afgelopen met het volgende resultaat

1. spiroe 902 stemmen

2. Jestar 354 stemmen

3. idioot 287 stemmen

4. dnbrt 158 stemmen

5. DBA-THE-WITCH 70 stemmen

6. AleksJova 67 stemmen

7. Boss_of_Maffia 54 stemmen

8. Ultra 51 stemmen

9. BNLR-Brecht-MX 18 stemmen

10. arhiman 15 stemmen (Afgewezen)


This message appeared at the 'my HT'-page:

[01-04-2008] Nieuwe MOD

De Belgische HT-crew is verheugd u een nieuwe moderator voor te stellen. MOD-dnbrt is aangesteld om de crew te versterken. Gelieve hem te verwelkomen en hij zal ons helpen om de conference leuk te houden. dnbrt probeerde nog tevergeefs de nickname MD-dnbrt te bedingen, maar dit konden we hem helaas niet gunnen, dus stellen we aan u voor: MOD-dnbrt!

It says that dnbrt becomes a new Belgian MOD. He was still negotiating about his new nickname; he proposed MD-dnbrt (because dnbrt hates vowels) but it's impossible. The HT's are determined, dnbrt will become MOD-dnbrt.

This was all a 1-april-joke! Our beloved dnbrt never even changed his nick! In coorperation with MOD-Ambi1 he even "closed" his first topic (11042014.1)

Many users were fooled; The spammer became a MOD...

dnbrt's signature

dnbrt's signature is very famous: a lot of people practice the sport of trying to get in it some way or another, but the selecting methods are held and kept very secret by dnbrt. There somehow are some indications that if you make an ass of yourself, the chances are bigger to get in it.

The list of people that have gotten into dnbrt's signature, since 8 november 2006, are:

  • Baahl (zoals dnbrt zegt dus (Baahl, man die zijn wereld kent))
  • Kaynec (Ik ga eens zuchten. Zucht. (Kaynec, zuchter))
  • Ambi1 (wat is dichter bij fruit? Schimmel of iets dat tegen 60km/h op 4 wielen voorbijschiet? (Ambi1, filosoof over belangrijke levensvragen))
  • Sasss (Oh ja, ik sta te springen om naar Lokeren te rijden om in dreetjens garage naakt te gaan rondkruipen met een paar hitsige tieners! (Sasss, maniak))
  • RennyVdb (Qodan is een noob! Een noob zeg ik u! Dat is een tikkende tijdbom! TIKKENDE TIJDBOM!)
  • GM-CableGuy (Yep, wij hanteren het spreekwoord: Beter het laten varen van tien principes, dan één boze dnbrt.)

Update 12 december 2007, list of users who agree with me:

  • eigenlijk ebt ge wel gelijk (gigi04)
  • Slim , slimmer , dnbrt (Mod-Timmeke)
  • vergeleken worden met mijn goede vriend dnbrt, 't kan enkel maar een éér zijn!" (JoFramboos)
  • Wete dnbrt: ge hebt meer dan gelijk ... (wimpiethereal)
  • dnbrt heeft wel ergens gelijk... (Narcotica)
  • dnbrt heeft volledig gelijk" (prithender)
  • Yep, wij hanteren het spreekwoord: Beter het laten varen van tien principes, dan één boze dnbrt.(GM-CableGuy)
  • Prithender altijd gelijk? Me grootje (dreetjen)

Relationship with LA-Per

Since late 2007, rumours have risen that dnbrt was having a relationship with LA-Per. Indeed, the two were often spotted laughing with each other and seemed to be very close. Around Christmas 2007 however, it came to a loud row about roles in FEG: should Per take responsibility of the opposition or was dnbrt trying to break the relationship? Dnbrt and LA-Per seem to have become better friends again in the months after the fight, but still the relationship remains an object of gossip and rumours and hasn't been confirmed by either of them.

In fact, LA-Per has even been quoted saying: "A relationship with dnbrt? I'd rather fuck a horse. But I'd do both, too..."

Honourfully Vermeldingen

An honourfull mentioning (eervolle vermelding) goes to Clitovator!

Best friends

dnbrt and TT--TT are best friends to the end. Sadly for TT As well as a certain swedish GM, GM-drkeps.